Elohim explains the medications he needs

Elohim explains the medications he needs

1) 300 MG mill law go rams of tri lept al malik in the AM

2) 600 MG mill law go rams of fuck them all in the PM or pam

3) 1 50 mill law go ram cap su le dip hen hydra mine

4) buy otin or buy woden on Thursday

( some Scottish sand witches with swedish meatballs )

5) 100 mcg of levite thy rocks sin

6) fight toss steriles unless they are well behaved useful monks

1200 mg tablets they can still be used for grain offerings of energy for halo halo servings

7) Gly beau ride to stimulate the pan crease 2.5 mg

8) met form in HCL 1000 Mill law go RAM 1000 sons made

it is impossible to refuse me

me ta for m i shall take 1000 M and 3000 FM or 4000 children



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