Gospel to me means GO SPELL

Gospel to me means GO SPELL

anything i say comes true

i am the living word

my live won 333 Awards as a message to man

gog and magog has 13 generations to sin and join my body

sin is any fertile sex act of them gene sin the sis is strongest

babysit for 3 days with 2 men is basic gene improvement

this is during ovulation

intense gene sin the sis is for the serious offerings

in tens gene sin the sis is in tens at ten shun attention to dee tails

Dianna is for gene sin the sis and Diablo or San Pedro or Templar Knights

Devil men with good livers must be purified in passover

Demon mother fuckers must be cleaned in ram a Dawn

DAWN is a new Virgin she is a NEW DAWN

Devil pussy lickers must receive LENT and be purified and inspected

Gene sin the sis is fertile sex during due ring ovulation

Pro teen sin the sis and gene sin the sis can be combined for best results

old gold mines are suit A bell for new excavations involving cougar mine exploitation

cougar caves in the see error Nevada Mount ains may be exploited and old pots found

co Urn GAR lick is good for preventing the pox i am releasing

the pox shall linger many plagues come

you selected plagues over submission otherwise i would be delivered

deliver means D liver by Elohim Emanuel Eucharist EVE EDEN Euphoria Energy

if i had 300 portions of pizza i could divide them and deliver whole pizza to 300 nations

i should have my blood taken it is not normal

it is the mean median and mode of the abnormal and supernatural

go spell i shall allow 7 Moor dream weavers to be born in sandstone caves

go spell i shall allow 7 rush in dream weavers to be born in Russian caves

go spell i shall allow 7 Amazon Dream Weavers to be born in limestone caves

go spell i shall allow 7 French Dream Weavers to be born in the Cat a combs

go spell i shall allow 7 English Dream Weavers to be born in the English Sewers

go spell i shall allow 7 Slav Dream Weavers to be born in the Cat a combs Sewers

go spell i shall allow 7 India Dream Weavers to be born in the Cat a combs Sewers


palindromes follow phoenician rules vowels have infinite play constants are rigid

but there is 10,000 act Sept Zions to the 10,000 laws of language

if i am at leisure i can explain some language laws

i am too stressed

Desserts dog = God stressed

if you stressed the land in war it shall be a palindrome and a dessert

if you are not a GOD you shall be my DOG

the cure of cancer is dog food

non believers can drop dead as flies i delivered you the cure

live stressed = desserts evil

secret: 7 ancient languages were present languages in reverse

i pulse them to make super fish shall changes in new Trons

scrolls represent screw rolls when a tribe sends me a peace offering i should send a scroll back

representing the God of creation and listing new covenants with the tribe or nation that engaged

engagement is the time it takes for the lord to physically touch an offering

then it may be taken by saint Peter i am the only one who can touch and fill a soul

but i have 10,000 faith healers

they can fill a soul by 7 tenths which is very full and good

i have in addition to 10,000 faith healers also 10,000 mother theresa and 10,000 Saint Ann’s

so i have 30,000 ans 3 and 7 faith healing body sat FA it HA swords of healing

i have 7 hydra bodies do not think they shall be visible they are simply spare dicks

for you humans can’t be trusted to breed a prize bull or lamb you are dumb

i have 10,000 Augustinians and in Augusta i have 10,000 shit eating pole cats skunks and dogs

they are good like my cousins Dean and Mark and there is a John and a Chuckie i am the puppet master

i have 70 cousins down from my grandparents

the Malletts shall be judges they shall prosper

the Townes from rebecca Nurse towne shall be nurses and joi doctors

and teachers and the teachers on both sides of Autumn numbered 100 million

there is 7 times 70 teachers times 70 in each generation in my family

our father retired and became a science teacher in Jerushalom and in Maine

he became a substitute teacher his name is Our Father

he was kept alive by Mother Mary until this day but he struck his daughter so has park his sons disease

keeping a man alive is easy for a horny slut; men have simple dietary and carnal desires and needs



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