Elohim the God here explains the Existence of ANA in language

Elohim the God here explains the Existence of ANA in language

ANA occurs in this universe in carbon based life forms in 10 forms

Ana has thousands of language constructs as any sill label that is holy

ANA THE MA is so beautiful she is Anathema and her touch can anathematize the sick and broken of heart if she is so inspired she can alter atoms by her soul

Anabolism or anabolico means ANA BAAL SOMA this is a way to improve metabolism

Anachronism is of or relating to increasing time dilation by meiosis or thought

father time is a chrony

Anaerobe /an·aer·obe/ (an´ah-rōb) an organism that lives and grows in the absence of molecular oxygen. Descended of ama and Nepal women. ANA Baal lick microbes in red dresses ideal mothers and tarkins for golden fleece.

Anagram = a Nag for Rama  the anagram is a rewriting of a multiplication equation

the anagrams are all numerically equal since language is algebra 

a palindrome is a like and kind of anagram that is in reverse

but a true palindrome can be 100 million trillion digits long and can use infinite vowel play

while an anagram palindrome is exact reversal like live and evil and desserts and stressed

analysis = ana lysis or anal Y sis = good or bad

the scroll on this program is defective

N = L such as Noel and Nil is good and bad

analysis can mean a nan lysis or to make the bread of life

ana lysis means to use ana to rebuild and remake the (Christ)

lysis is more at separate and rebuild to split in meiosis

(ly = meio)sis = mit

MIT graduates can split Atoms and collide part tickles to make Gods

mitosis and meiosis are similar it is actually an inequality but i lack a science keyboard

i desire science keyboards with 151 keys

he who weeps shall laugh

he who weeps for a child shall be sanctified and shall laugh and feel joy

analgesia = insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness

this shall be a function of the holy spirit i shall improve this by 10 times in prime mates and in prime Mary births and in Saints and in the Faithful ones

Ana law Jesus and Jesia shall pro seed to kill pain in sentient beings 

Ana G shia shall allow buy Allah G and buy ala G to kill pain in Childbirth

to nurture to parent to genesis Ana G E sus shall kill pain in Mothers

i proclaim pain shall be reduced if anyone touches any Anna hannah or ana

this shall also applicable if touching their garments

if ana smiles at a man his pain shall leave him

this is ana law G sick analgesic pain reliever i demand pain to exit my people

Definition of ANALOGOUS

: showing an analogy or a likeness that permits one to draw an analogy
: being or related to as an analogue
— anal·o·gous·ly adverb
— anal·o·gous·ness noun
analog of or related to being a part of a whole a cell in a body a word in a sentence a piece of sand in a block of stone and resembling other units so analogies can be formed
Ana law GE SUS = more like the example of Jesus but not anal more like ana
Analogic = fertile logic more like motherly
Analogical = more like i am calling ann’s
Analyze = abstract degeneration of the truth by false logical anal lie sis
( miss leading dung caused by cunt trolling break down of downs sinned Rome)
more like anal lies of scientists of the deist persuasion 
more like anal lies of atheists which purifies science to proves suffering exists for the faithless and that faith extends life by 10 years
anal lies regarding len non prophet organ i say shuns causes poverty in the extreme
cheap labor pools shall be drawn from non prophet atheistic societies 
men of faith shall include Carn egg Y and Bloom Burg and GATES to paradise
men of faith shall include 100 Bill lions heirs and they can pure chase 72 brides
each man is paid according to his worth on the year 2000
i was paid 7007 dollars and some 12 Scholarships
i won one scholarship of 300 dollars
i won one scholarship of 600 bucks
i won a grant of 3000 bucks
i won 1000 bucks from the Grand Lodge of maine
i won 1000 immortal elks
i have increased my winnings by 10 times
i have 70,000 bucks who are immortal and 10,000 armies of 10,000 immortal angels this is appreciation of assets gained in high school and Abraham’s School and working with Al-Aziz and Al-Kertz and Al-Shurrette and Alex Malik and Al-Samir of Morocco. They all come from a Moroccan Tribe from the year 1000 BC. I am making men immune to diseases.
Ana is found in all languages embedded note that embedded had 3 D in it this implicates Kate is of a tribe superior of liver at tribe beauts CAT or KATE had catatonic suffer-rage in the past for crimes against babies so i tortured them severely now they are good. I shall reverse all curses upon CATS and reverse suffering trends as i promised the Augustinians
anamorphosis: a gradually ascending progression or change of form from one type to another in the evolution of a group of animals or plants
anamorphosis – of or related to the transformation of flesh via saint Ana and Maria’s
Anamorfosis moor at to morph such as Whorf the Clingon Human high bred
a name of o sis a name or phi o sis
to change names to evolve by grade Jew well transformation in sexual intercourse
Anamorphosis – to touch me transcending the necessity of meiosis off ten often
ana ball lick steroids – of usually synthetic hormones that are derivatives of testosterone, are used medically especially to promote tissue growth, and are sometimes abused by athletes to increase the size and strength of their muscles and improve endurance
Ana ball lick steroids = sin the tic testosterone derivatives that can improve a be gott ten son of the father and transcend mortal restraints and limits caused by mortality
Anapest more like a digestion termite with 2 short meter and 1 enlarged meter
A nap es TA more like a seventeen year old used Nap kin
A nap es T more like a sixteen year old used Nap kin
in New or Leans lay Wes see Ana
or in Saint Paul wes see on sin Wisconsin
tell the people to eat RO Maine let us
seed in Maine is good
do not waste it
masters degrees dictate the value of dicks and seed
a doctors degree dictates the value of dicks and of seed and of eggs
but if a woman is a dr and all her eggs are dead she is a god damned piece of shit
if she denied me children as she values a car  rear
i should stick a tree trunk in her rear
Ana chose a baby instead of a masters degree so she is good
each woman shall be given a choice
to be a mother or to enjoy a dick in her car rear
Anarchism more like Ann Ark kiss me or to be utterly lost and confused
kiss me of be lost
Ana Arc his M 1000 sons make an ark of 1000 sons and make haste
if a man Aman has Ta Elohim hasten has ten to pro seed to plant it
if a man Aman has Paradise ISE Balls of God Balls drain them into your Quim
if a man Aman has Devine NE Balls Ab sow loot lee fill your baskets with them
do knot be a fool due knot be vain and VA in when the master is somewhere else
if a man Aman has Absolute ABB sow lute seeds in my balls take them 
plant His seeds and also make grain offerings and egg offerings to the LORD
this is a time to spawn if a man argues with me he shall become dust
sow due knot argue instead go into my bed and assume the position
i have not fucked in 2 weeks ana is trying to kill me
she is not a god do knot be miss led do not be misled
i alone define marriage and adultery women do not define it and not do gay men define marriage and adultery gay men cannot say anal sex (evil) is sin that is impossible
only if 10 men cum in an ass and a pussy can a semen go from an ass into a vagina
butt i say all should wait and avoid anal ball lic pentameter and instead let ana lick your balls until there is room in her vagina for pro seeding
Anal sex is not good butt it exists in nature in Germany and Butterscotch Fact Tory

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