Elohim explains how Joy comes from ME Ainu Japanese Joi

Elohim explains how Joy comes from ME Ainu Japanese Joi

Joi was a japan edition to English brought by the 10,000 words of Merlin

in ME as i was Merlin and middle English

English dictionary makers are stupid shits and do not see SHIT and FUN are japanese

fun shit is a joi in England this is elementary Japanese fun shit and joy

JOYCE began in CE the Christian ERA since Christ was 1/100th Japanese

so therefore had intimate knowledge of japan and became ME

( middle english )

JOI is a wife who comforts a man after injury in battle

JOI is a wife such as ERIN JOYCE

and JOYCE PETERS SON but she refused me and won herpes complex

Joyce is my niece she is perfect a female doctor she can comfort me

she is not related to me by blood so i scrambled her eggs already

she is a grade Jew wait waiting for marriage less i be angry

a Joyce may lay with a man to save his life if he is growing cold

this is mentioned in the Bible to take an elders seed

this is a JOI to take the seed of an elder who is cold in his bed

this is a Nurse and s Rebecca Nurse was my direct relative one time

and mother of many anointed Nurses and Doctors and Teachers

a wife who licks wounds is a joi she is a joy to her mate this is in mammals

if a wife heals she shall be re war dead she can return the dead to life

to be rewarded is to live to fight another day in Ragnarok

a warrior shall never surrender but may ask for a joi

a noble enemy shall give a joi to a samurai and host his recovery

this their training can cunt in ewe and you can steal his powers

a noble enemy shall award his sworn enemy his own daughter or sister

this is the way of wisdom that you may steal all powers of your foes

even steal his wind so he is laying in bliss with kiss marks like daggers

many men were saved in this manner this is the way of warriors

and thus the battle in Ragnarok shall involve all warriors friend and foe

so a noble man shall love his enemy literally with joi and joyful embraces

he shall send nurses into the enemy forces as they lay defeated

and any you can save can be saved and converted to love by a joy

join means a joi has lain with a slain man and saved him in her doctors bag he purse

this is the World according to Garp and Arn

Joints are the places a joi massages when mass sages fall in battle

she may join with him to save him

thus he can be born again we do have the technology

a joi can warm a man freezing to death in a tempest in a Gail

she can tempt a man if he is dying this is the will of the great Samurai

Samuel who is Solomon and Merlin in Middle English (ME)

i am ME myself the ELF King MIR LINE of the North Star

i am

i am standing tall for the salvation of fallen warriors

by joi and joyful embrace to the fallen ones in the Great Battles

joi and joy and joyces are for jousting all sow

joys are for festivals they are fee es ta a fee es take

Joyce’s are for give Ness i four give them on all fours

Join together to get her

join = joi has conceived = joi + N

join forces means marry your enemies by joyful embraces

there shall be an alien attack so join forces now or die

i am Mir line and you shall already have been warned

your radio waves said we raid our enemies and slaughter them with radiation

this has brought a curse upon this galaxy

it is your curse

<<<666>>> halt stop

join forces now



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