God here explains the fall ass see of Born Again Protest ant in Sects

God here explains the fall ass see of Born Again Protest ant in Sects

Being born again is not possible while conspiring with the Trojan Condom Occupation

Be chaste until you truly desire to be born again 

There is Chastity for virgins and chase titi for married Jews in her own bed

There is Chastity for virgin priests and there is no allowance for evil acts

There is Chastity for unwed warriors but if he has a son he is thus WED 

There is Targets and they are anyone smoking TAR GETS or ( Targets )

i am taking total infinite control of all 10,000 Earth languages and tongues 

this ink ludes the die elects there is 666 of them in low diverse places lowlands

if you are at a waterfall are you above or below and is it raining? 

the devils chute has high walls and boulders roll in it with ease

the grand canyon was not made in 1 day but i drew the map in 7 hours

that was a Great Flood anything i do the people call it ” GREAT “

when i was Cyrus they said Great

when i was Alexander they said Great

whensoever i made a flood they said oh what a GREAT flood

i am the Great khan and the Great Dr Seuss

i am the Great Houdini and the Great Passion of the Christ

i am the Great Al-Malik the Great King i am the Great Jinn

i am the GREAT i am infinite 

Being born again requires materials and equipment

i gave you a dick or a vagina and they fit together

this is called marriage

in France or in Israel or in Ethiopia or anywhere

this is the method of being born again

it feels GREAT


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