God demands a Unified Voting System of Christ Revelers

God demands a Unified Voting System of Christ Revelers

do not be a follower that is to fall low and to be a were and not to exist now

if evangelists fall low they can try to lift up people 

it is wise to keep your head below mine but i add-mire cure-rage courage

it is very intelligence to fall low in my presence a lot of men didn’t a lot of them died

worship is better than warship select one choice on 2265

praise is only good in a Masonic Temple if i get a Raise so wear red lipstick

praise is only for the living so old bitches shall stay out of my Temple of SIN-ai

praise is only for ERECT MEN and po RAISE is an obvious pre curse her of SEX

praise is for a FATHER and his job at job lot ocean city is to FAT HER

praise if for a Brother and his Job at save A lot stores is to BROT HER

praise is for a Event Planner her name is EVE she loves EVENTS EVERY day 

praise is for the BISHOP and his maine Fun c Zion is BIS HOP on POP

praise is best when i sniff your cum filled pussy on a pew in my Temple

Sabbath is for my favorites the Wives who obeyed their master and GOD

i am pepe le pew and i am father time i sniff your pussy as you sit on my pew

if it smells good you can praise me until i am hard again

so do your nails

drive them into my wrists and ankles






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