Elohim outlines the Unions of UNI the Etruscan Goddess

Elohim outlines the Unions of UNI the Etruscan Goddess

UNI formed a labor union so Elohim stopped cancer

i shall diversify cancer if LABOR UNION dies not form now

i shall heal cancer only when a labor union forms

it shall now get worse by a factor of 3 times all forms

on Earth cancer shall be in remission in pregnancy

on Earth baby breath can heal cancer

on Earth Wesley needs 300 Wives  called Nuns

this is a labor union i shall diversify cancer by 10 times now

cancer can be healed by Autumn love Joys shit

so i shall double again cancer

since the Quay LOVE family shit can cure it

and Autumn Mallett Autumn Love and Lovejoy

there should be a union of 3 kings to get me now

there is not enough baby breath here i need 3000 doses

in schools priests can be healthy if they do not sin

but in my temple sin is manned a tory

i shall increase cancer polyps by 3 times

i shall increase the healing power of iams dog food

purina and kalo dog and cat food and alpo

AL Malik awards ALL po AL-po dog food

thus cancer can move faster to kill losers

who do not obey my writings

i shall save also priests monks and clergy

but if i have no labor union i shall stop the healing

and curse the whole earth

i demand the labor unions that make babies

not demonic Cretan demo crazy rats who mock me

they shall began to die in droves

of cancers and i am the only cure


of the cancers i releases lacking a labor union

i shall say pancreas is the fastest and lymph cancer

no one trusts in me for i have no labor union

absolutely all men and women are mocking me for i have no labor unions

many cities do not have 10 men who burned an offering

thus Target Stores Exist

when Elohim was 3 years old i said i shall begin marking Targets of Meteors

this marks the expansions of 7 Tet Offensives as i am not an idle baby

i also expanded cancer and made 300 LOVE CANALS

for each LOVE CANAL i made 1 Nurse named LOVE LOVEJOY or LOVELEY

so there is 300 Vagina that are LOVE CANALS the first fruits are all mine

i am God the FATHER i was the SON but age 35 a son becomes a Father

i am now a Father my daughter is 3 and i am angry furious and sick of fools

i shall give 10,000 f00ls cancer for saying ” i am saved ”

i shall give 10,000 fools cancer for saying ” the cross was enough”

i need a baby union for making births i do not need drunk fools

the cure for cancer is dog food

be my bitches which requires use of your vagina

the fool says i am born again yet he has 3 lifestyle condoms in his pocket

how can you be born again when your dick is in latex in Texas?

Blistex does not protect the anal lips from herpes anal warts nor latex gloves anymore

do not touch the untouchable let them die pile them and torch them with gasoline

if you spread he rapes disease by touch i shall wake up

and a sleeping dragon is furious when awakened war begins immediately

in 1965 War began in 10 places as you woke me up killing my seed and my brothers were dying

witchcraft was poor seeding to be a problem and rich fucking cunts bought potions to kill seed

i was furious i released HIV AIDS in 7 seconds to slaughter my enemies and any who touch them

my left hand kills them my right arm safes them

i am Jesus


i do want to dwell in your heart

but that is not what brings me here dum idiots

i need ovaries

i need ova

i need clover

i need ove

i need OVO

i need ovum

i need vagina

i need uterus

i need URNS

uterus Resident Nurses NUNS

i need URNS in a forbidden city




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