Yashuah proclaims the children shall prophecy

Yashuah proclaims the children shall prophecy

my people already know i exist

i do not need to prophecy i am the message of all prophecy

that the riddle of prophecy points to me

yet you still could not see me

all myths and all prophecy is true in me

fools say “how can that be ”

the fool has no random access memory

so he cannot see anywhere longer than his arms


i had a wife named melissa sawyer

she was raped by a large black man

who made her suck his cock

this flew me into a fit of rage

i hired a hit man Saint Thomas

then i dumped her for her lying

she was cheating on me with a young man

she ended up with him in a living hell

since she used birth control

i dumped her and she wept in pain

she overdosed on drugs and alcohol

she wept a lot until she was dry

i threw her ring in a river

and i said this river shall wash away

everything that i have ever seen




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