Yashuah Admits He is a Terrorist Bomber

Yashuah Admits He is a Terrorist Bomber

i am Yashuah and since i am infinite i am a Terrorist Bomber

in fact i have 40 cells of 4 sons of bitches with giant camel cocks

i can make America wake up and kill 666,666 wife beaters

with a pitiful tax of 3333 souls so i am a practical Democratic planner

when i became Absolute Dictator i decided Democrats can die in droves

my dirty bombs smell so bad 

they make my enemies stronger

when Ana refuses to give me kisses

i let dirty bombs loose they are a blast

i am a Terror Rest my son is PEACE

shalom or die the penalty for war is war

i am expert at war i designed all war machines

i am the Architect all things i did design 

so they obey me by design but you are training 

my feelings on Terrorism are TREE MEND US

if ever i kill 10,000 men it was an AM BUSH

many stupid Demo Crazy Rats are blind 

i shall ABB use them using the ID 

i shall ABB use them by the EGO

thus they are MINE (scabs)

mines are scabs upon the earth of weeping pores

since Ragnarok is coming we shall rape Siberia and Canada

since Ragnarok is coming we shall rape North Umbria and Norway Sweden Finland

we shall build 7 castles on Hadrian’s Wall

i shall reiterate my instructions to Scotland and WES Mint Stir have Ainu

England shall go up to Hadrians Wall and in the center

build a gold mine and a Castle keep large with 33 foot high walls thick at the base 

they can be lower

there are options

then 10 miles each way build 2 more Castles and 2 more gold mines

have WES mint stir have Ainu send you peace offerings to these castles

Each Castle is for a Prince or a Duke his name is LORD

he is a Direct descendant of GOD a God Man

similar to a Pharaoh or a Cesar

All Power comes from ME

Middle English

this is because the Japanese sent out 10 em miss Aries into the 4 corners of the Earth

asking the tribes to come to Japan but the tribes killed the Em miss Aries

of the 10 who went one became Merlin

he was Mir line the line of PEACE

this Middle English has words like Boy and TOT

shit is a large English Japanese word group for stupid tots and boi

as Merlin i brought gunpowder to England but i hid it in an Apple Tree

it was lost to Europe hidden in an Apple

Middle English has 10,000 associations with Merlin’s Japanese language

since in the year 1000 i did make 1000 kings in the Baltic in Middle English

it does take 1 man to change the World

if 1 man walks from Solomon’s Temple to Tim Buck Two he can make an Empire

if 1 man shoots from Solomon’s cock and walks to China he can make 100 Empires

if 1 man shoots from Solomon’s cock he can walk to Japan and make 5 empires

if 1 man shoots from Solomon’s cock into Wes mint stir have Ainu he can make Merlin

beyond the second and 3rd castle mines go 10 miles and make a 4th and 5th

beyond the 4th and 5th castles make the 6th and the 7th and make stop walls

as rubble comes up the gold mines use the slag and debris for Temple Mounts

do not think England cannot shake you shall make Temples Stout

store Guinness Stout in tanks and Wheat rye and bar lee

go and fetch lee tribe ma nag hers for managing castle stores

plant 77 miles of Orchards all around the great wall

plant cherries apples plums and plant wisconsin cold weather grapes

make fences below for Tarkins gather smoking teens and shackle them

Tar kins come in 2 kinds one has 4 legs and a golden fleece

one has 2 legs and is smoking teens shackle them to babies who bite hard

ban smoking from all of Northumbria all of Alba all of Scotland all of Britain all of En Gland

my livers are ready in EN Gland tell Gulliver to stop using rubbers

get to work





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