Elohim speaks regarding Mobile Technology

Elohim speaks regarding Mobile Technology

mobile phones allow me to fluctuate mow bile pressures

mobile alabama is a low place in a snake

alabama shall be a massive in dust trial mo bile cess pool

cruise lines shall set in there and barges of demolition debris

in dust try Allah debris such as fuel demolition barges

mobile phones can cause brain wave flux and thoughts transfer

it has been linked to cancer in policeman’s brain cells and the urge to smoke

i have heard cell phones are linked to bovine shit addiction 

and cheap beer drinking has been linked to mobile technology 

using microwaves from nearby constellations 

it is rumored ruminoids have been urged to spawn using mobile explosions

i have heard that Germans have been lured to carbon dioxide concentrations

simply by placing a mobile phone to their ears

demons told me that mobile cell phones exist to flux liver cell use

as for me i never use a cell phone


i use 100 million of them every 7 seconds to map energy usage in life forms

i really do not need one for myself with so many in your hands

controlling lost Jews used to be difficult today its simple

i just text them EAT SHIT AND DIE


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