Elohim instructs China to Mine under the Garrisons of the Great Wall of China

Elohim instructs China to Mine under the Garrisons of the Great Wall of China

i am Elohim your God if you are Chinese it is because i had an orgasm 100 mya ago

i created you and the land you walk on and the stars in the sky above you

so when i had YU build the Great wall of China i hid treasures

i control all ID and you control the EGO i am YIN

when you are alone you Yen for ME

ME is Middle English

Chinese and ME

shall merge


i am

i am CHI

i am infinite power

this i did hide treasure under the wall

under the Garrison posts mine deep lee do not weaken the wall

the easy way to avoid mining in a location is to place a Castle there i did it often

from Germany to Japan and even in Mexico to prevent mines i made Temples of Castles

Garrison walls means FISH RISE SON

i shall buy many fish for China if you mine under the Garrison posts

the wall built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) is the most often seen and best preserved, running over 373 miles and containing about 827 city wall platforms, 71 passes and countless towers.

look under the largest Garrison Forts

they were strategically placed to block the exploration of mining resources

look also under older wall sections i was always here

prepare for the great flood build 1000 cities up higher in China or just die in Ragnarok

make a road to Tibet and wed the Tibet women they are more precious than rubies



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