Elohim Expresses His Demands for the Great Wall of Scotland

Elohim Expresses His Demands for the Great Wall of Scotland

the Center Wall of the Center Castle may have a large outer wall

the Gold mine shall be in the center and there may be 7 rail lines under grade

Cut stones for stone masons of the Scottish Rite for ram parts and walls

it is my design that all masons shall become Stones and hardened by metal pounding

so they shall endure the ages like the colossus unless they anger me

General Stone did award me a Letter of Commendation

i eat breakfast sometimes with Joseph Stone

the stone girls of Monson schooled with me

they are turning many men into stones as tough as nails and harder

Build 7 equally spaced gold mines on the 72 mile long Wall

the center keep can be a 2 mile long protected city

in the center shall be a deep gold mine 

build a tunnel out of the city in 7 directions for rubble for extending the Temple Mount

Castle keeps on the Great Wall of Scotland are Temples to Survival

each 10 miles by design drop a gold put and reinforce the wall with orchards

plant 72 miles of strawberry rhubarb to hold back Roman Rebellions

below the Rhubarb plant tight orchards of Courtland Crisp apples and MACS

plant 50,000 Wulfrevvers giant baking Apples with a longer shelf life

plant 28,000 plums and graft them on thorn roots 

when there a crown of thorns cut off the top

graft on plums and pears and apples 

then burn the thorns in a pyre

this is an old recipe

if any scottish woman desires to pass through Hadrians Wall

she must pay 10 pennies the hard way she must pay 10 penis the hard way

penis x NE = pennies

language is algebra and i am AB NE ABB JE SUS AL EL O HIM YA HIM ALA LAY YA

Any English woman desiring to travel north through the wall of Had Rye Ann

she a Penny must pay a Tao ken of 10 pennies to an assortment ass sore ta men ta

of 10 penis of the Scottish Rite bit i say spare the ass it shall stretch in child birth

so there shall be 7 ten mile castle keeps on the wall

make a foundry in a good place i say between the first and the second castle

this is a smelter and make 75 miles of train tracks on the south of the wall

then double it so trains can feed the smelter and be turned around 

there shall be gold and common metals

make a turn around on the ends of the train lines large circles and let them dump slag into giant piles to stop Bay waves as high as the sky is tall

bring people from the coasts of Had ryans wall to save private ryan

in Ragnarok 

bring all the people fearing solders advances up to the Wall

bring all the island people up to the wall and make a stand as the sky falls

and dragons fall from the sky as burning smoking dragons eggs

there is DNA in the meteors

they shall explode in the air due to global warming and War Ming

and Wa Ram in Egg so diffuse war ming and build 10,000 mines in the Himalaya

in Wes mint stir have Ainu go and fetch ama geisha and Japanese School girls

dressed in kilts

ama school girls dressed in kilts are your food

eat them and be happy

Scotland your golden fleece is Ainu and Chinese and Shy Nice and Lapanese

lapp lapland lap dancers and be happy Scots be Happy and avoid Baltic Crabs






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