Elohim Addresses Michigan

Elohim Addresses Michigan

i am Elohim your God 

Michigan is safe for 252 years it is an ancient sea floor with some safe islands

Michigan is an industrial cess pool which i shall return to the sea 

a fool builds on top of a giant pillar of salt when a flood is coming

can we keep the crust intact for 6 months 


findlay is safe everyone must find lay

lays potato chips shall increase ovulation and weight gain in teens

chat ham kent and london shall be flooded severely

hamburger and hamlin shall be flooded severely in Ragnarok for breach of contract

hamlin marina shall be washed into the sea and ham ill towne shall be washed away

new castle and youngstowne shall have islands in find lay findlay 

Ann Arbor shall shake and have an island in Ragnarok

li ma find lay is a good safe place south of Michigan the giant sea bed bordered by 4 lakes

li ma is a good idea many white cock asians caucasians need a trip to li ma (lima)

the Caucasians should go to findlay or find lays in Hawaii China City or China or Taiwan

Caucasians can cock asians or go to Mont a Negro by Bulgaria or Botswana or Kenya

i wanted to save Detroit people so i depressed it since it is depression land 

fools build detroit in the sand wise men build on a rock

1000 inches of rain shall fall in all places of the great lakes watershed

this is a lot of rain caused by 2000 volcano erupting

and the cracked sea plates 

a sea of fire

Michigan is safe for 252 years but i wanted the machinists to lower their liver stress

i saw that GM was using birth control

i saw that GM was disobeying me and committing adultery in low places

sow i shall take away their business and make smaller cars more efficient LEE

if GM wants huge SUV for Macy Shopping fat ass birth cunt Troll bitches –

i shall Scatter Detroit like SCAT and send them to the 4 corners of the Earth

thus they shall not drown for being spared my fury

Detroit i shall flood 300 feet deep and more it shall be a Torrent s Tempest

if men are pests i shall drown them for breaking curfew or for drinking 40 ounce colt 45

if men in Detroit are pests De means to take away

Detour do not pass go proceed to PARK PLACE

Detour Detroit in 252 years i have depressed this low laying cess pool of in dust trial 

i did anoint many people from Detroit so they shall Cross Breed 




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