Brahma the Destroyer Argues with a Hippie Shiva

It is Bad Karma to Destroy a Nation

I make 10 nations every time I destroy one Shiva

Brahma you are a sadistic bully 

I only woke up because your hippies were killing babies

That was not my idea it was the LSD crowd

I am sick of your excuses you and your festivals of colors

I shall clean this vagina with an acidic douche and 2002 Volcanoes

That is overkill i thought you liked a stinking vagina

pleasure does not overpower the principal of a smelly stinking vagina

sometimes we need a quantum leap only possible with a mass extinction

why do you always pick on mass i thought you rang the bell yourself

i lived in mass but it was taken over by Democrats in the 1960’s 

they pioneer mass exodus of tax paying retirees to Maine and appreciate property values

i was raising ring necked pheasants on the Jeffrey’s Neck Road in Ipswich mass

i was raising kind gay priests in Tibet but you killed them all in 1 month you asshole

they broke their lease agreement and were begging for food on a Tuesday

i only killed 50,000 why are you such a bitch Shiva?

i allowed 100,000 to escape or walk to India to breed for a change it was becoming

i am not a hippie i did not even go to a Grateful Dead Concert once

That was your brother Michael and Melissa the Archangels

Michael fell asleep at the wheel and i saved him you pecker head

Okay Shiva you nag if there is 10 good men in any city i shall save it

just tell them in any city where 10 men burn an offering 

i shall save that city


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