The Grey Goose Men owe me Erica and Ashley

The Grey Goose Men owe me Erica and Ashley

i kept you alive when you fools tried to row off the end of the Earth in a death wish

i was the bubbles beneath your oars i was the wind in your sails

i was the wind in your hair and the sunshine on your arms and face

Gray Geese Men i am the LAW and your covenants are with me cove to cove

Ring myra is Pepe Bo leah’s wife and Ringmyra was his Stead in 1000

Autumn my daughter is George Bo lee A sa granddaughter he was Golden Go love champion he was the featherweight champion of the World on French Island

He heired of Ringmyra so Myra was his wife when she was dying i held her and i said do not worry everyone already knows you love them do not worry about anything. Soon she died. That was in Orono Commons. Many times i gave the last rites to myra in the last 28,000 years since Ringmyra was first a camp ground.

Harstad was the homestead of the  holmsteads and the Tad Poles and Timothy oldstead and Tal lyford and the Harmingtons and the Harmings all died in a wave. Bay waves sometimes blow over the world and kill giants in rusting steal iron stolen from elves.

And do ten is the voice of the Grey Geese men who had orgies rowing in ships

Andoten is a summer camp ground of the And do Ten men cum sluts Erica and Ashley

they have been playing the Solitaire Blitz killing men 1 at a time for 2000 years

they wed a man then become frigid 

Bells from Norway wear 10 layers of skin instead of laying 10 men like i demand

how can we make new genes for SEERS and row Buck Stores of you refuse to sto 10

Aholman is on the Brink of Dis Ass tore A hole man is perched on the Edge of the Sea

the map of Norway is clear to me Ashley and Erica must bow at my feet

and submit or i shall destroy all giants 100 million at a time

in this day giants have taken over AM ERICA

giants mock me in New York taking titles and tit lays

giants mock me by saying pilots in AM ERica can only be 6 feet or taller

giants mock me by saying Erica can hump pirates in my apartment

at keg parties with Ashley watching but i can’t watch

this is not accept ABEL this is unacceptelohim

jenna jameson and ashley and erica have been mocking Elohim

on Dutch Elm Street in AM ERICA Ashley evades the tip of my tongue

they shall submit and allow me to lick their assholes

or 100 million germans shall die a Grizzly death

costing over 1 trillion dollars in damages and lost production


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