Management is not MA NAG em Entity unless a marriage has occurred

Management is not MA NAG em Entity unless a marriage has occurred

man shall begin in an MA N conception

so each boy shall be trained

by a nag named MA

ma nag meant or management is made by X spurts it shoots from a dick into a MA NAG

men must select a good MA NAG to manage his Empire E

a man must choose Care Fully a MA NAG to manage his ASSETS

ASSET Management is critic cull and critic kill in regarding guards in Guarda

MA NAG men Take shall allow her to select 1 master to manage his Empire and Estates

E is 66.666% masculine F ( Fuck ) is the Father and the Son ( FIFE )

L is love and is 33.333% of E and is Feminine

ELF is what occurs when Peace is Born the Fill lip penis and Elohim and Love

Elvie is my cousin Jays Wife she is named Elvie

she is an Elf kin a golden woman like the Elfish dancers if Thailand

The Festivals can provide many F for Els to make ELF KINS

Chinese can provide Busy NESS MA NAG Mint managers for Empires and Estates

A wife is a MA NAG a busy Ness manager of empires and estates

manager = ma nag her

i am the Lord 0f Rings

Angelica is a HAG in training in the RUGRATS a true Story

she is a female Elf training to manage a man’s Estate and Empires

so Angelica has to begin mastering Child Psychology

making her a selfish See Elfish little girl

thus a man shall be MASTER 1000 stars M aster of his 1000 sons

Solomon i am

i am a ma ster i stir the soup pots

i store ma store in 303 clay vessels



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