Islam Is men who can eat Aluminum Without getting Brain lesions

Islam Is men who can eat Aluminum Without getting Brain lesions

this is the Tribe of Meshwesh and the Tribe of Moor and the Tribe of Spain

and the Tribe of Saudi Arabia and the Tribe of Iran ( after the Moors invaded)

the Egyptian Tribes including Venus Sway leah and the Olmecs and Aztecs

the Northern Aztecs Dis appeared and Vanished leaving only stone fragments

The enema E is just me on a bad hair day the Enemy and the Friend are both me

you see i am all life my right hand is not connected to my left hand but by a thread

a tiny nerve going up the spinal column and into a tiny Ax ion for AX Murders

if i am angry my left hand is for killing my right hand is then for planting the new seedlings

one day my left hand was pulling up 1 weed, my right hand planted 10 new trees

that is the ratio unless there is a meteor shower or other sporting event

Islam and many Jews from Egypt also all sow can be Aluminum Resistant

Many Egyptians were Jews such as Ramses 1 through 35 and i am Ram SEES the 35th

i am a JEW i went to Ireland to get RED Hair in 4000 BC and rowed to Japan

i am RAM SEES the 35th and some call me Moses ( when i have beach BAAL part Tease)

Sand man is my other name i am he who blows up SAND STORMS

if ever there is a Neighborhood Bully i shall chop off his arms

if there is Iraq and he claims he shall make a 1000 foot cannon to strike Israel

i shall cut off his arms and publish his face being killed in a dirty toilet

Shallom if any nation attacks any other Nation i shall have a blast

then i shall wait 300 years and make 300 spartans then kill 10,000 immortals

i have 300 armies of 300 immortal killers such as WAR INCORPORATED

i am toying with the idea of new Mercenaries in the kingdoms of Riddick

using armies of 300 and fast spacecraft or land rovers

Shalom i almost forgot my son PEACE is in the womb

however no 3 king has the balls to come bearing peckers

bare ring peckers to greet my son in the tunnel




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