Ha ark the Hair old Ang els Sin g

Ha ark the Hair old Ang els Sin g 

glory to the unborn kings 

glory to the gong and the 10 inch dong 

glory to the shlong and the songs of the longs

glory to Vietnam and professor Long

Sing to the mountains and mount peel leah or Susan

Mount Sin EYE sing the song of the 7 inch dong on Mount Sin love

Mountains are made to be mounted so they are a Range of colors

red yellow pale magenta Majestic stick the twin peaks

until your ash strap back pack leaks or shoots 

Singing begins with SIN and begins begins with BEG

lie is a muse or a sage soothing the song of the Frigid Tundra where Thunder thighs lay

lie is the song of the bitter sweet wild apple begging to be called as sweet as candy

lie is the horny Rabbi age 75 trying to get his 10,000th blow job

the Aborigine began Sow shall see cure RA Tee for the Elders of the Tribe

Each elder man and woman who were unwed received a teen age spouse

the teen age spouse had to care for them until they were dead

so there was teenage pregnancy and this ensured survival of the tribe

the holy semen is the elders who are 121 111 or 131 or 105 or 108 years old

the elders are knot tu be mocked or scoffed at or locked in nursing homes


you shall care about the survival of the tribe

or i shall kill your entire tribe and replace them

first there was 12 tribes now there is 12 times 12 tribes 

this is called Jewish Conquest 1 vagina at a Time for longevity


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