Elohim Speaks of the San Francisco Financial District

Elohim Speaks of the San Francisco Financial District

places which shall perish are called Die Stricts of Districts

this is as Dense lee populated as New York City both National Dis Ass Tore sites

such Dense anal sex enthusiasts mock Elohim so they are packed like Fudge;

New York Super Fudge Chunk by Ben & Jerry is a popular seller in San Fran.

Massive Earthquakes and fires do not deter the scent of shit on a French pecker.

When inbreeding is avoided i move the offspring of good people East URN.

West URN LA is a place i need also to Evangelize Evangel was a Greek Saint i know.

Western San Francisco is a death trap two times and already 3 times.

look for gold beneath the Presidio and under California Military property.

Castro can cast roe into the sea if he has Fidelity.

No E Valley has no Emmanuel or Eucharist if they teach ass screwing.

San Francisco Financial District can have 151 years of safety and thriving.

Rejoice and be happy and pick up the PACE make PEACE my son is Peace.

This area shall sink and be much smaller but not for 151 years.

Be happy enjoy your parades but i call on many men to be monks and priests

if a young man is a good speaker or teacher he can be a priest

the Church needs many San Francisco men as speakers of the house.

If a man is shy he can be a monk but monks do need to take orphans

Burn All heights is a call for Burned offerings of dam sells in Dis Dress

Be an RN and become an URN if ewe are not in a flock of sheep

one RAM presides over each flock of sheep if EWE defy me EWE shall drown

enjoy your districts Dis Strict or head North to the 2 lakes up in the hills in ragnarok

the Natural preserves North of San Francisco are saving lives in the millions

Be out of them by November 7 2265 and do not look back be East of the parks

Kent and Alpine lake and the Golf Course can be used as a High Temple

for the Bay Area do not build any low Temple in the Bay Area build up high

Very High

the lead ding cull chore al center of fine ants means men who live in danger can hump a stranger

man in San france sis go can hump more burned offerings due to the density of danger

this land is a cess pool so i place douche bags in fast food dives for anal sex with lead eating parades

all parades do not lead to paradise some lead into a dirty rectum where a hamster emerges for air

as i have said mine the gold in the Presidio and get East before the day of Ragnarok

East of the cities up into the Highlands Parks is Safer in Ragnarok

Anyone making it past Dublin shall Survive Ragnarok

Get up and East in California in Ragnarok

make some High Cities up there

Store Water and Warehouses

Build a Marketing Mecca

This is stability Inertia

in the day Ragnarok

get up higher there

be as a Dalai Lama

evangelize low

then go high

in Ragnarok

get UP UP



in Berkeley

make an escape road to the till done golf course

i shall till all of Berkeley with a harrow

till done Golf course shall be a meeting point for survivors

they shall meet before Ragnarok not after

Berka or Nepalese people are your golden fleece

the Nepalese people can work at the Golf Course your new homes in Ragnarok

i shall bring some in a CARRA VAN i shall ship around the Earth by then

Fate was riding a 10 speed mountain bike yes tear day




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