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Elohim speaks of Gaul isle lee and Galilee

Elohim speaks of Gaul isle lee and Galilee

i Elohim and Michael Kelley the Angel we did camp in Belfast Maine and Ireland a few times

then we usually rowed to Galilee to screw on a mountain there is Sin Love Mountain Close Bi

many Gay lick monks were living in dark caves and we trucked in fast bells

In Bell FAST a God can make many genes in lil Gals in Gal lil lee such as Sarah Susan and Leah

Michael kelley was staying in my Manger in the Family Market in stillwater

he slept with a gun and was in the Army Reserve

he went to the Gaelic Isle of Galilee and Honakalee

we did this 3 times and we made many Scrolls and into the darkest caves

to make a scroll screw then roll them to make Dead Sea Scrolls screw then roll them

writers fuck for in spire RA Zion inspiration in SPIRE Rations 10 per darkest cave

Mount Olive means O live Popeye was Christ and he loved to pop the cherry eye

there was 72 Islamic Jewish Christian Popeye who popped Olive Oil’s Cherry Eye

Mount Olive and Mount Sin Love and the 7 hills surrounding the 7 Mecca are Sacred

Mount Zion and Mount Olive and Mount Sin Love all had Popeye popping the Cherry

Sarah said pop my cherry bury that hairy God dick it looks thick from here

Susan who is usually pure she said pop my cherry God damn you fuck me hard

Leah was shy but she smelled fucking fantastic with fragrant oils on her silken skin

Rose was shipped in from Gay lick ships in the HAR Bore she had a hairy bush she was bi

Mary was a cherry she said this is my hot fudge sundae can i get some Jimmies on me?

Michael Kelley prefers a clam if it is smelly on the half shell or in a pot of boiling stew

All of is RA el shall be saved but that is depending on you to screw 300 nations

if you wear condoms you are simply fucked i cannot help losers in Rubber loafers

so take off your rubber loafers and sniff the clover on Miranda’s tan ass and lick her

you have Miranda rights you can fuck Miranda 10 times if she is not clean

thus she can select her God as it is not me Elohim she is a Chub a Yellow Perch, bony

she is not kosher but you have Miranda Rights as Jews or Gentiles to gang bang Miranda

MIR means peace and Miranda can have one Moor gang bang before selecting her Moor Master

Miranda has a thick pyramid of curly hairs on her rose bush it is prickly like her pair

Miranda Rights apply to any unwed Jew who loves to kiss lick and screw


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