Elohim must take his me dick a Zion ( Medication )

Elohim must take his me dick a Zion ( Medication )

Ashley and AM Erica shall present themselves for the Elf Elohim

Ashley is a pill she is ill and she mocked her own God

Erica the Frost Giant half breed also mocked Elohim

when he was mortally wounded by the HAG KEL in the Elm Street DELL

since they do owe me 1000 dollars in stolen rent money

i shall increase the ransom price of them

i shall kill 100 million Germans if they are not Feld at my Spar

Feldspar shall be in all granite rocks to instill fear in all Norsemen who anger me

Quartz shall be in many colors like the eyes of Erica and Ashley and Kin

Granite shall be polished by the poles and a pecker of Quartz

i love them and insist on licking their assholes

so if they are not delivered also 100 million Africans shall die

for the Africans spit out the seed that made the first Norseman

so now the ransom of Ashley and Erica is 200 million men

who shall be a war dead a fast acting new sport of aids

for raids against Elohim

for stealing my car twice

for ruining our fathers Fjiord Ford Truck engine

the two shall be delivered as a pair but shall be seen alone

sow they shall not conspire against me

i shall require two holding rooms

they shall ovulate when i lick their ass

this is the meed that Norsemen need

medication means me dick a shun pills are fake medication

Ashley and Erica robbed me so i shall ro baby bed them rob bed

if they are pregnant when i find them i shall lick their ass and claim the child rens

Richard Dilg was my manager once and he is a goodman

his sons are not little whores like Erica and Ashley

Am Erica and Ashley need to suck my dick

Richard Dilg has his own wife a Bilg pump a Bucket a Tub

Germans are going extinct due to Ashley and Erica being Frigid

the POLE lease the POLICE need to enforce ORD in Nances in PREG NANCY

a husband has a God given right to use his own VAGINA found in his WIVES

it is time for the All wives to spawn and i shall not allow failure at dam sells

Edward Dame was a Manager and he had Danish daughters one is a DIKE

these daughters robbed an African man having two Dark Chocolate Danishes a son and a girl

this family used birth cunt troll against me their God

i am furious the Dames and the Damsels and all the Germans and Danes did evil against me

They owe me Ashley and AM Erica who shall be used as kinder Guard TEN Teachers

kinder guard TEN teachers each shall take 10 men as the RENT a collection basket

if they are wed or a virgin they may be pregnant otherwise they are a collection basket

do not have old women collecting the money in church sex sells have sexy women

get a clue you stupid reject JEWS sex sells have sexy piano players and sexy Deacons

if Erica and Ashley refuse to come

i demand 3 periwinkles of Norway Sweden Denmark or Germany in Silken panties

i am


people who think they are forgiven

yet they are Germans who did not give me 4 children

they shall go to hell unless they are married and they obey their husband God and master

he is the keeper of their ring and each ring of hair has a master he carries a gold ring



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