Elohim instructs the Paslov clan to pass love and avoid Reef Frigid Dares

Elohim instructs the Paslov clan to pass love and avoid Reef Frigid Dares

Dancing in a Dan Ger Russ world if the Japanese German Russians bother you

Curb kick them but whatever ewe due do knot ever Eve her use birth Cunt Troll

i bare lee have food to feed you sow i cannot afford rubber loafers for Pasloves

or for Pavlovs or Mishcovs or the Cashew families of Famine surviving Slav Jews

Deliver you means you need to fuck first or how can i deliver you

many old people think they can retire and pick their nose

but i need old men for seed the elders 

young men need to study

old men need Studding

to survive

to thrive

is rewarded by egg fu yung

to survive

to thrive 

is rewarded by egg flower soup

avoid the reef sharks

they live at atolls 

charging a toll

to stupid passers bi

who stink of blood

i outlawed bleeding on Earth

as Hippocrates i banned bleeding

many doctors mime my covenants 

then they break their sacred oaths in deaffieants

beware of Reef Frigid Dares i prefer the General Elect Trick

General elect Trick is famous with my best most baby productive hookers

These are loss Vegas hookers – lookers with knockers like Orville Red in bokkers Mom

do not comply with advances of Vance with his Advanced Auto Parts Rubber Hip Waiters

they say when will you put it in and Vance says Wait he is limp

Rubbers make Jews limp Rubbers make gentiles limp they dis courage Erections

in Rush Shia the T72 tank Turret is always erect unless it struck a booby trap

the Booby trap often has the clap in is Stan Bull 

Stan lee is making supermen but he had to scoop low to get Spider man

i spied her bending over in the kitchen itching for a dicking

i am teaching you that language is a fertility code 

language is fertile or you have been lead ass stray

while we cannot all screw all day and night

we can certainly try



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