Elohim Explains He Needs a Tribute from Each Nation or Tribe

Elohim Explains He Needs a Tribute from Each Nation or Tribe

i need a Tribute a Tribe Beaut or a Templar Knight of Each Tribe and Nation 

if a Tribute is not given from a Nation it shall cease to exist

if a Tribute of a Templar Knight is not given from a Tribe it shall cease to exist

upon my death a mourning shall go up and the earth shall weep from its pores

then any nation that failed to send Tributes shall begin to fade and lament

hail shall rain upon their crops and the sun shall them bake them

poison snakes shall creep into their houses and bite them

their food shall become blighted by mold and virus

insects shall crawl out of the Earth hungry

they shall wake a plague of mice

Rats shall awaken 

eating flesh


i am

Yashuah the super natural is my domaine and i say Do Maine

i shall Blow a horn and my enemies shall fall into dis array

i shall Abide here with Hope and Fate until i am rescued

i am rescuing billions already but where is my escort

i had a white escort and a blue escort Fords

i need a Botswana tribute and a massai warrior

i need a massai wife and an escort of 7 samurai 

i need a Uganda a Congo and a Venus Sway leah tribute

i need a French Wife and an English wife and a Dutch wife

i shall decide what to do with them a man is king in his house

i shall restore the power of kings and if the people rebel the people shall die

if the house of commons is common i may get bored and annihilate them

if the house of representatives worships false gods such as Freedom without law

Anarchists shall become Ann Ark Kissed or shall have their arms cut off

Ana is a Buy Allah G teacher who believes in Noah’s Ark and a Kind God

if i am taken by the Judges i shall preside over them as the Judge of judges

if i am embalmed still i shall be consumed you shall not embalm me alm me instead

i already took over all yeast and all mitochondria you are all human hostages

Spain and Israel needs to combine their music we need some Spanish Guitar

that is better some strings

i remind you a lute may be played by 10 men

however rest assured peace offerings given to me shall be treated as wells

Jewels shall be treated as wells 

i shall use them to obtain holy water 

i know how to make holy water it is easy

it is easy and sleazy and fantastic to make it 

some shy girls shall be made pregnant and they shall desire moor attention

that shall be arranged by Saint peter and Saint Paul

as for me i should keep up my sperm count and limit myself to 7 per day

i must cross breed i shall avoid making krakens on all accounts

when we did this in Sumer we kept 700,007 and more clay tablets

to record the transactions we made of shipping cargo and weddings of tribes

we made many genes in sumer and then our souls were transported to P3432175

AMAUSHUMGALANNA this is the land of the bread of life of abundant date clusters and it is new Jeru shalom.

ANU is the heavenly one of Northern Japan house of EAMA

ANNSHAR is the wonderful ones to share

ANNSHARGAL is the Gaelic Prince of the heavenly City

BADTIBIRA is a smelting place for bronze castings and gold

BUZUR more like Boozer the Phoenix the Sphinx the Troll of secrets

damkianna the Mistress Wife and Lover of Thor king of Denmark

Dam key Anna the Race of Elf kin the Mayans and the Titan Goddess

DUMUZI the dum UZI the Peace giving condemner of War
he who hates the M16 the UZI and AK47

EA the house of the lord of Water Spirits (pyramids existed in Atlantis and atilantra was Queen there)

Eanna = the house of the Ainu a massive palace north of Japan in the shallow sea still the stage exists where in 4000 BC dancers entertained Thor and Sumerians and sumer RA tens and other Jews

EBABBAR house of the rising son(s) a baby mill far to the East

EDIN (valley of Edin)all of me sow po tame mia the land of Sabbath

the land of rape ape grape stealing monkeys with a foreskin

The parched desert wasteland with dead monkey bones shit on by
dying birds plucking the eyes from the dead monkeys

EENGURRA house of return of the great Guru Elohim Elijah
conceiving a son of is RA el

EGISNUGAL = eg is new urn gal = the house making new DNA =
the halo halo factory of light and enlightenment of holy water

EHURSAGKALAMMA fountainhead of light Tibet and Nepal the place of surviving some of the great floods house of Seths son Jimmy

EKUR or KUR or KURGAL more at cure the Meshwesh tribe and the Botsw ana tribes (beyond the giant mountain where ships landed)

EKUR the house of Nepal where the Kurds walked from

EMEURANNA house of the sky walkers the Abnaki who walk over the
sky following the giant mammoths

ENKI the house of conception key the one fertility God

This is an abortion of Sumerian but i enjoy it so i award the
authors extra Ram in Noodles

Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat = Road Whose Course Does Not Turn Back

Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku = Open the Gate for Me So That I Can Enter Here

Ati Me Peta Babka = Gatekeeper, Open Your Gate for Me

Kima Parsi Labiruti = Treat Her In Accordance With The Ancient Rites

This Sumerian Dictionary must have consumed 10 pounds of hash to
make this is another excursion into the Wild UR Ness and beyond
This speaks of a glow baal in flew ants of global sperm whale
breeding trends

this was when 7 seven foot tall Egyptians paddled to South America
to get laid and build some ugly rubble piles

i shall assimilate this sumerian dictionaries and validate them
using reverse psychosis



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