Elohim condemns political association with Black Contempt for the LAW

Elohim condemns political association with Black Contempt for the LAW

if the prisons are full of Black youth then perhaps my Nigerian Slaves escaped

if half of Africa’s male population just died because i released HIV AIDS

perhaps Dick Black needs to dick moor blacks until they become a Black President

We need a Black President in the USA who shall show criminals what is possible

when you obey the law like King Solomon when i was a Black man a while ago

try humping some white housewives in Jersey and shut the hell up

that is how i got to he a self righteous White God with red hair and freckles

it is not who you are it is who you are screwing witch shall get you from A to B

Do not commit crimes White Collar crimes and Blue Collar Crimes

each deserve 10 years in a mine and democrats shall i plague again

HIV AIDS just makes the White and Black Slavs

knit quilts while watching Letterman

i need the Ape pox kill lips

the Creeping Crud

lip wilt plague


i am sick of Black men refusing to Ann tease UP and screw saint Ann’s

and i due knot mean with a condom on while she is not ovulating

you just killed half of Africa because you love infertile sex fuck YOU

FUCK EWE instead of Fucking yourself into a corn her

Obama is president so obey the law assholes

if you desire to be black DICK BLACK

if you desire to be white DICK WHITE

but stop complaining when you get caught stealing smoking supplies and a 40 pack

go to hell i forbid drinking and smoking and infertile sex

hell is a state of mind

if you want to see Black Excellence i shall make you lick Obama’s Asshole

he is half Irish by the way

Cross Breeding of Sheep is the new thing in New Zealand

if your ship just rolled in from Congo go paddle some white woman’s fat white ass

but stop complaining when your own sister’s urine smells like your mamma

Michelle Obama is a part Uganda a part Egyptian and a part tickle collide her

i am bombing people souls with particles with a part tickle collide her

do not hate the law and pretend to worship liberty she is holding the LAW UP

the torch is the LAW it is not the STREET LAW it is the laws of Cesar Millan

i proclaim Obama has Midas Touch but if he touches a retard

he shall become a gold retard a door stop

i gave Obama the Midas Touch 3 years ago when i was in Maine

i said it in the shower

i  also said that Cesar Millan is a Tribune of the 12 Apostles i asked Rome to appoint

Rome has not appointed them so i may begin selecting them using random access memory

if they were appointed they would be here so their entire operation is in ERR REARS

i am weary i can judge complex trials in 7 minutes maybe you enjoy apathy waste and stupidity

if you do not want love and infinite blessings then leave me in a Cat Fish Snare

Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer he shall settle arguments in my Temple

if any snickering is going on Cesar shall be on it and place each dog in its place

or evict them

Black means to lack Boobs in Africa men are see cure if they see BOOBS

when women of the Gay priests began wearing shirts WAR Began to double

sadly this is true and women of solomon’s temple wore no shirts half the time

so there was little fighting

i love Steve McConnell and his singers



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