Ashley and Erica Reported Elohim to the police

Ashley and Erica Reported Elohim to the police 

Elohim asked them for dinner and a threesome

this is how the Mason Architect celebrates defeating HAG

i am Beowulf and this is the 50th time i shall defeat hag in this life

i am the Architect of all that existed exists and shall exist

i defeat frigid Dutch and Norse hags that escape from Germany

Ashley and Erica and AM Erica shall blow my long Swiss Horn

or i shall give them SEERS shingles with a 25 year WAR RANT Y

if these two she-trolls are not delivered to me with an apology

and total submission i shall take my ransom and award 

100 million germans HIV AIDS in EU USA and SA

SA means flesh and south Africa and CA

this would be a rampant fast acting sport of AIDS

a penalty for RAIDS 

of the Wilsons and the Chapmans and the Perry Clams

these giant Razor back clams piss me off

they say we are high on the hog

i shall mutate all hog plagues

in 7 seconds i shall

i am done

i am

Erica and Ashley said to the policeman

He asked us to dinner and is a creep

He said that is not illegal you dumb cunts

He exclaimed to me he understood my desires

some policemen are honest mother fuckers and walk erect

real men ride two masons on each mare or maria and make me genes

all we expect is for the bitches to return the favor sometimes times like these

The Cop was very respectful and i told him the bitches are angry

they are mad i reported their keg parties 

they do not pay the rent


they shall pay for i shall send mother fuckers 

but this is personal i demand my own dick sucked 

i was considering killing the Germans anyways

so to spare them suck my dick


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