When Christ was locked in an Asylum it was the Jews testing him

When Christ was locked in an Asylum it was the Jews testing him

they did not learn anything they did not already know

they were not satisfied or sanctified or forgiven

they tortured Christ with deadly poisons

they used false Gods in deaf fie ants

they forced Christ and shackled him

they locked me in a bed

and made me urinate in my clothing

they did not strike me

so i placed gold under the water coolers

gay men such as them deserve Gold

only a homosexual would torture a man’s asshole

so i gave them enough gold for golden dicks

in my image for i shall sodomize Makati

there is gold ore under Makati Hospital

i reward them greed and corruption

for their asylum of the Lord

i did not desire to be there

locked mental wards

are evil and rape

rape begets rape

so i award gold to Makati

under the hospital and school

of the Aug us teens i shall Aug US teens

i am

i am a DR

i am a DR Seuss

your pills are evil and kill

my words heal and heal the soul

some pills are good but 90% of the time

pills are evil 90% of the time but i accept a Tithe

Vitamins are good there is 300 Vitamins

such as the 35 B Vitamins

and the 7 A Vitamins

and the 7 C Vitamins

and AC shall cool down a man lacking Vitamin P

Vitamin P is required for the sweating man to outrun a Zebra and slay him

Richard of the MICMAC tribe has a gene which codes Vitamin P

he sweats prolifically but he became too fat as an older man

water drips off him as a river he needs a lot of water

Vitamin P allows African and Soc Alexis runners to Sweat prolific ally

Richard and the Micmacs have this gene witch needs a dominant wife to Code

Richard’s mother was dominant so he can run 300 miles if he stops at streams to drink water


he was working at Richard Parks Gallery

there was a great muse Richard Parks Anderson

he has a CAT she is dominant like Richard’s Mother

Richard was a Micmac he is just there and sow i gave him a bear claw

so that he shall not die of a heart attack

there was 3 Richards and one was Richard Dudley the Lionhearted

he was wasting semen in whores so i plagued the whores to herpes and anal warts

then i gave Richard the lionhearted to a Teacher older than him and i gave him twins

first there was 1 and then there was 2 and then 4

Brandon his sister was my lover but she was a Cum Slut using birth control so i dumped her to defeat HAG

then she took a Bald man who survived the ozone 5 times being gone

so i gave them daughters to make Sirens

Brand ON is a Siren

Rand is good

i Ran

i was in Cross Cunt Tree as a runner with Christ Roy and Gregory Potter and Terry Priest

i took their power and became Christ and Gregory and a Potter making Champs from Sticky Clay

someday i shall become a Terry Priest a High Priest




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