Wesley Heard many Jews Asking if the Messiah Would Speak

Wesley Heard many Jews Asking if the Messiah Would Speak

he said yes i shall speak in many tongues on the internet the Matrix

but if i am at the port of Solomon i shall speak in the Flesh

and the people gathered shall be screened and carry no bombs

i am behind 3 walls such is Solomon’s Temples anywhere

Did the forbidden city have 3 walls and obstacles and 35 sentries and a rear moat?

yes it did and so i am in the newest forbidden city

Did Solomon’s Temple in Anchor Water have 3 walls and oceans of water about it?

yes it did and did the Temple of the Hurons and the 300 Civilized Tribes have 50,000 faggots supporting and protecting it from Raids from the Upper Aztecs and did these enemies all drop dead and disappear?

yes they did so i am already in a Temple but i desire another

if this is a Maine Ger or a Main Jur i demand another one

i trimmed my Mane this week and red hair fell

Ana said why is your hair red and your beard white

i am 10 billion years old so my beard is white

But a lions Mane is his Glory it shall stay red longer

i already told the Jews about my kingdom and they mocked me

they mocked me 7 times

they mocked me as NE

they mocked me as RA

they mocked me as AB

they mocked me as Absalom

they mocked me as PACE PENE

they mocked me as Jesus

they mocked me as Apollo

they mocked me as Isis and Ram SEES the great SEE

the Jews are mockers i may cull them in Cross Fire

one in being with my father in a fellowship of spirits my glory is already proclaimed

i do not need to prove anything to the Jews

if i show an Apple to a blind man he shall not see it

nor shall an apple be smelled by a stinking man 

but if i show a Jew a piece of shit and rub it in his face

then he shall finally see and be healed

so i am the King of Jews

they bite me

like stinging flies

or ants the protest ants

they are like biting sharks 

consuming me until i am dead


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