Turquoise Can Store Energy of the Life Force by Elohim

Turquoise is an opaque,blue-to-green mineral

that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminium,

with the chemical formulaCuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O

Green turquoise ends in ISE for there is Pillars to it in a Paradise

i love Jamaica do not take fake Turquoise there

Blue Stones can trap life energy then give it back

Aluminum ore in Iran above the Strait of HOR MUSE

up in the Ka HOR a SAN province of Aluminum Ore

in paradise Turquoise studs some pillars in a hall of knights

under the valley of kings

according to Pliny the Elder

and Cyrus the Welder

in Africa some circles of Stone were of the Green Stone

if a virgin was placed in the Center she became pregnant

it was the ” Eye of God ”

there is an ” Eye of God ”  at Saul is Buried Plains

if any virgin goes there when my son is 14

she shall become pregnant in the circle

it shall be X caliper if she stands she shall be corrected

it shall be EX call i pure she shall be purified

and when she is pregnant Sanctified

she shall become Euphoric

she will feel Nirvana

Her eyes Open


i am


Salisbury Stream is Elijah Stream

elephants placed the oak pillars of Salisbury

We swam them from France

We walked through an Army

they thought we were Gods

and we were

they stopped fighting and obeyed us



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