Seth was my friend

He was friends with a man who owned unproductive buildings

The man let Seth live in a vacant building

he was my third son and came from Dover Foxcroft

i had 18 Sons when I was Adam and 369 daughters

each daughter had DNA and no RNA in her gametes i am Dominant

Seth could not stand to see Abel killed it was a Bell who died

Seth stayed in the mental hospital so when he was released

he killed himself

i brought him back to life

i said you shall not die

but he mocked me and killed himself a second time

in my anger i turned him into dust and ashes

after i let a fly maggot dig into his brain

to consume the defective cell

that mocked me

i am

SETI means

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence

i am right here are you simply stupid?

i have 10,000 worlds with SETI class pyramids

i have 10,000 worlds with GIZA class pyramids

i have 3333 worlds with Luxor class pyramids

and 1

i have 100 billion worlds making coal

i have 100 million planets of the Apes

i have 100 thousand Dinosaur Worlds

i have 10,000 Asgard and 10,000 NOX home Worlds

Search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Seth was part Greek and part Egyptian

he was a God and he had curly red hair like Thor and it was glorious

he had enlarged African lips and a large Nose from UR

yet he was of white skin and had the map of the Galaxy on his back

similarly every freckle on my skin is a star system or a Galaxy or a Nebula

Seth mocked me when i tried to save him

so i sent him to a hell planet for training

he is a God there now he tried to poison his older brother Richard

he was using drugs as a punishment for mocking me

he was not a demon but now he is a demon since he made his mother weep

if a man commits suicide even when answering a demons call

if he lets his own mother weep he has failed the test

so then he shall suffer in a demon world

Seth is now a devil man God

on 285915329379 hell

my kingdom is big

i am a Giant



i am


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