Osiris Explained for Dummies by Elohim

Osiris Explained for Dummies by Elohim

Osiris means operating system IRIS which opens and closes the EYE of RA

which allows massive solar flares to open and close

Solar Flares are possible with pinpoint accuracy to give life or take life

on 10,000 million billion trillion trillion trillion home worlds

OSIRIS also means O sire US for the OS ISIS can cause GENESIS to OCCUR

to occur means OC CURE or Oh !!! SEE the CURE

O sire US means i shall become an Aug US Teen High Priest an Augustinian

i shall all sow be a France is CAN high Priest of Frances the Pope i am the Priest

i am a Paul if i am done breeding then i can become a Teacher this is premature

this lesson and others is premature and shall be taxed accordingly 

Operating System IRIS is a window to a new Universe location 

it is possible to stay stationary and be brought to a new location

this is simple energy time dilation of my iris OSIRIS my SUN my SON

i can have 10,000 sons SONY and SHARE were Singers and Swingers

Sony and Samsung are Hung and like their women Egg FU Yung



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