Elohim Succeeds in luring Norwegian Goddess to their Forgiveness

Elohim Succeeds in luring Norwegian Goddess to their Forgiveness

Elohim rented his Duplex to Erica and Ashley the Danish Norwegian Swedish Goddesses

they were very beautiful and had long sandy and golden hair and lashes

they were sand dollars so of course were deceiving imps

the Gold harps of Denmark are treacherous

they failed to pay their rent

they has parties


they spread their legs

for viking pirates but not for Elohim

they studied Kindergarten teaching kin der gar TEN

now fools think Garden is the correct spelling of GUARD TEN

i Elohim am making KINDER GUARD TEN using in TENS orgies in Hell Sin Key

and in Cope in Hay GENE and in hell sin G borg and horsens the girls are HORS

i am ERICA is a silky hair borg cum slut a Doll a Dollar Bill she sucks dicks while drunk

her cunt is like a skunk without douche bags from France but this is since she is my cousin

i am related to the Dutch Crown so my dick head does not go down in Dutch clam traps

Erica and Ashley are crab traps from Norway they are full of bait dead fish heads

Erica and her mother and her little sister were out front like daisy

i took out my dick in hand and shot my seed on a window

for me a God it takes 3 generations os Norwegians

to loose my cargo of seed on my windows 7

Ashley was smaller sow she can suck me

they shall suck the devils dick in hell

for they lied to me and mocked me

if i fourgive them it shall be 4 babes

if they each suckle 4 babies i shall forgive them

if they do knot or due knot suckle 4 babies i shall tore chore them

i may tickle their ass with a long tongue from call lips sow the Kalypso ship



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