Elohim Succeeded in Failing Engineering Physics Twice, then Earns a B

Elohim Succeeded in Failing Engineering Physics Twice, then Earns a B

i saw that my answer would cause global war and disclose fusion

so i stopped fucking Michelle and i drew a Duck on my final exam

if Michelle had my child a kraken would be born so i just drew a duck

i had an A+ average on the lab section and my lab teacher was of India

she was beautiful but too tall many giants had taken over India in warfare

projectile war made it less desirable to be a giant target

energy weapons shall carry the theme (smaller is safer)

whenever i sought help in lab class it was a tiny office 

my lab teachers legs touched mine and i grew erect

but in the final exam i saw missiles erect to destroy

so i drew a beautiful mallard duck 

Ducks can fly over nuclear clouds

When the Chinese invented bows

Ducks were slow to duck but they began to learn to duck

some learned an E rad ic flight to evade Nuclear Arms

I took Physics a second time spending 700 dollars again to fail

i do love studying physics but i shall not expand fusion reactions

it seems there is a concerted effort to use exams

to expand fusion reaction discovery

that was in the cold war

an illusion

i am

i caused it

to make men mine faster

mines were idle and lazy so i demanded metals

fission bombs large lee cannot explode i make American milk duds 

i thought of milk duds while screwing Miss Dudley’s breasts one day titty screwing

nuclear equations beginning with f = ma are dangerous so i limit my application of logic



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