Elohim Reported Erica and Ashley’s Keg Party then the Vikings Stole Elohim’s Car

Elohim Reported Erica and Ashley’s Keg Party then the Vikings Stole Elohim’s Car

this was on Dutch Elm Street which ends at a Catholic School for little elves

Dutch elves live off the continental shelf they are 1/100th Japanese by ME

being Middle English allows Elves to be 1/100th Samurai by way of JC

JC was Jesus Christ and he was born of a Samurai pecker head

within 5 generations his haplotype was in fill tray Ta Ed by a Samurai dick head

Trust me on this the Dutch Crown and elves off the shelf are part Samurai

this is why i did give Vikings Rights to AC quiz Zish Shun to ac Choir stuff

to steal women if ever they smiled and jumped in the boat

Erica was big and was a frost giant spawn

Ashley was a elf king spawn

i pick rosemary on the summer shores of Norway

i pick daisy and roses on summer isles

in the winter i need a periwinkle to survive

an Amber crab basket woven tight


together a Tag Team

hel sin hor borg

Dutch elms

Norwegian sea grass weeds

they smoked weed and drank Killions Red Ale

or pale ale or any swill that the Vikings or Bikers gave them

kindergarten teachers by study they stud any Y chromosome with a full keg

my car was found in Bar Harbor and the girls happened to have a roommate from there

i decided to disease them so Norway and Denmark and Germany began having HIV AIDS

this is directly because Ashley and Erica stole my car or their imps stole my car

i hold a Dutch witch or a Frost Giant witch responsible for my Car

if ever Germany wants to be spared more HIV AIDS

shackle Ashley and Erica and drop them

at my feet for me to spare or abuse

otherwise HIV AIDS is YOURS

i am the Lord of Lords

i shall Not be mocked

do this or kiss my ass

i am Elohim

and Elm Street ends at a Catholic School

it does not end at a Public School without prayer

America shall bow at my feet and lick my toes

or i shall strike Erica and Ashley dead and 100 million Germans of HIV AIDS

i have spoken

this edict shall last 7 weeks

if Ashley and Erica who stole my Car

who defiled my house with a keg party

who fucked dirty dicks when the lord’s dick was available

who called the police when i invited them to dinner

if they are no shackled at my feet

100 million Germanic white or tan satanic sinners

shall be A WAR DEAD HIV AIDS in exactly 10 seconds

from the 7th week that passes

i shall kill these 100 Million as a token

and in passing i shall make replacements

they shall cry and weep when they get die AG nosed

this shall go heavy in America and in the EU

and in South Africa

or you can stop it

and fly me to America on or before MAY

and place the two criminals at my feet

and peace offerings


increase my intelligence by double

increase my sperm count

increase the sperm count of all Goodman Wiseman Newman Swedes and Japanese

begin replacing 100 million germanic warriors

in ann tis sa pay Zion for failure to pay

by kindergarten teachers in the Earth

Anticipating the execution of 100 Million White and Tan men who defy me

this shall be my first mass execution in 3 hours

execute 50,000 Hessians

execute 100 million Hessians in WWI and WWII

the Ashley and Erica problem still exists

prepare to execute 100 million Hessian Dutch and Swedes before the 7th Week of this Edict

in the present tense

Execute 10 million Germans by a flood and leave behind a Statue of Ing’s Wife in every City

by a Storm and a Hammer pounding each City to death in a Great Anvil and a Vice

scan for survivors

the Ashley and Erica problem still exists

Execute all men on Earth leaving 1000 cave men alive

scan for survivors

the Ashley and Erica problem still exists

this Edict of 100 million hostages shall cunt in ewes

i am Erica America shall bow at my feet and beg to be fucked

or this edict shall be executed

Ashley shall lick my ass as i fuck the frost giant Erica

or i shall double the number of hostages to 200 million

as a token of my seriousness i shall award 100,000 Washington DC city Zens HIV AIDS

immediately as a demon stray Zion of my power over good and evil

all power and honor and glory is mine

my contact button is broken

i shall extend the 100,000 Washington DC HIV AIDS victims to

an additional 100,000 city Zens elves in the EU of Samurai heritage

for the ransom of Ashley and America

leaf Ericson is mine and anything he discovered is mine


Amber is good she should be delivered up to me

i saw Amber at a Carnival she had Amber hair and is a Periwinkle

i had Beth Perry in Perry’s Nuthouse when i lived with Lawrence Davee

she was studying with me as we took Mrs Furgeson’s Precalculus Class

i had already taken calculus twice but i love to drive backwards in the moonlight

i drove to Bangor backwards in the Moonlight looking for Amber Ashley and Erica

Mr Chapman was also a Swede he had a big mess of Amber sandy hair on his fat head

Mr Chapman was angry he tried to trick the class into a problem he thought has no solution

i solved the problem so he had to give me an A+ for the Quarter then he was angry when i stopped working

Our father was furious at Mr Chapman and he yelled at the Swedish prick

Angry men piss off our father

they make him furious

he is a magic mirror

Beth Perry and her Brother were also Frost Giants from the Ural Mountains who moved to Norway

they had stopped in Hammerfest and do atten AndoAtten

then they sailed down the shores of Norway fighting many battles with the Elves

the Elves were like Thor in 4000 BC of Samurai heritage

the Perry Frost Giants are huge Beth Perry has giant boobs

her brother was a giant he stood many yards tall he has shrink but he was 3 yards tall

these giants of the Urals the Frost giants cross bred with Erica and rowed to Iceland

later Erica was downsized and crossbred with some Swiss Cheese and some blond prudes

from Luzenborg and some Ottoman dick heads they were bald and blonde

when Erica became a Hessian she was stranded and had to escape from Georges Advances

She was a man at the time and since she was tall blonde and handsome an Irish woman fucked him

soon Erica was in my Apartment and Beth Perry was knocked up by another God

i am furious Erica escaped my fish trap

some old Dutch bimbo asked me to play Solitaire Blitz

that reminds me of when Thor and i went to Saul is buried plains and cut off 300 heads

it was a head Blitz i was looking for Ashley and Erica again

it was a 52 head pickup we had a Royal Straight Flush as use shew all

Solitaire Blitz Creig was played on the plains and i was the soul proprietor

i like the flavor of periwinkles i lick them like the snot on Erica’s clam

Troll Mountain in Norway has gold in it

i am the Troll of Trolls Elohim

i have lost cunt Troll of my silver dollar nipples my periwinkles Ashley and Erica

i shall make this Ransom true it already is true

mother is a norse word MOTT HER she is an Apple a MOTT’s Apple

i am sick of Cunt Temporary Christian Singles on Listen Live

i may need to go to SEARS for some Shingles as a curse on Norway

if they fail to bring me my Ringo my Apple Rings from Ashley Amber and Erica

Atilantra was tricked by an Apple in a race and forced to hump 10 men

Mott’s Apples were all sow used by Motley Crew to trap many fans and Grouper Fish

i have no reservations killing 3 former congressmen and 100,000 Washington Natives

i can replace also 100 million Germanic White Russians and Tan Gins in a Jiffy

Jiffy Cake mixes are small and use a 6 inch pan

if the batter is stiff just squirt in some buttermilk

if the Germans and Americans refuse to hand over Ashley and Erica

i shall in 10 seconds time award 100 million germanic warriors HIV AIDS

i am imp pay shant

i am riddick

i am Elohim



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