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anaquel (ana-kel) shelf

i shall place ana kin and kel on the shelf

kel is HAG the pill using Bitch i captured to make Autumn

when they cross it shall be elf kins

anabolismo ana bo lis mo anabolism ana ab Baal is M

anacardo = ana car doe = CA shew = shew women west of the ass-fault in CA

Cashews are bad for the heart beware

CA shews you should shew away if they are Riverside or Seaside Car die O’s

anaconda more at ana condo a birth ana see on da the willing to breed

protector of the hill people = the snake of the rivers = a snaking river = death

anaconda protects the mountains

i am the anaconda

anacoreta more like ana plus cretan corro – stupid hermits

may be used for religious scripture dictations in caves

her mitts

anade = ducks and any egg laying mammal = capable of survival

ducks can fly as swans at 35053 feet high and save all birds by diversification

anadear = to survive like a duck = like An Anna or a hana or an Ana

this is an Spanish intro


in the year 2500 i shall wake up in Brazil and speak Spanish English Chinese

i shall be a hydra and be in 7 diverse tongues and places

i shall be a beggar


shall see behind me

and i shall see in every direction for 10 million light years

begging men make better spies for fishermen and better roosters in the dung piles

of course i shall have a new name

only a retard would keep the name of a calm a doore 64

if he is a samsung Windows 7 system with extra RAM SEES

people addicted to old names are annoying but i shall go by the name Mary gave me



but i am infinite spirits in a fellowship

i am

anadear is pregnant so anadear shall mean waddles like a duck

she can fly at 35053 feet so prepare a plane


i desire to be in the USA by may 1 or i shall explode

i am done doing paperwork



increase my speed by a factor of 10 times

increase my intelligence by a factor of 7 for all kind sentient beings

increase the allure of a York Peppermint Patty



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