Yashuah ABB Ram Allah addresses Kuwait

Build palaces in the Hills beware of the Bay waves crashing

Build up the seashore roads to break the wave energy

place stones on the shore or rip wrap

best is to build ziggarots based as bases for walls seawalls

ans stop bay waves like stepped wave protection in japan

Al-Ahmad Farm place a wall around and a great palace

build 28 Farm palaces A

A is a pyramid no wave my harm a pyramid

place with A is a pAlace

a palace is filled with pa lace he is a pal ace with many friends

Sad dumb huss ain had only relatives and enemies

a good man is loved by his enemies and his relatives are jealous

a bad man is hated by his enemies and his relatives fear him

sow a man must leave his mothers house and be with his new family

wise is the man closest to his enemies he hugs them and begifts them

a fool shuns his enemies even as Jesus said love your enemies

yet a man has but two cheeks once struck turn the cheek

if he strikes the second cheek behead him

unless you can escape

if being attacked

Chivalry does not apply

if you want to live strike for the eyes

rip them out of your attackers head or rip off his balls

when your life is in danger die well and fight for your life

unless you have been asked to die for your master

in a cave and the oxygen is running low

or in a spacecraft and food is low

the master shall calculate

what to do

when a disaster strikes

fill every woman with a child

and take of Ramadan so if you die

your sons shall survive you

so you shall life forever

ramadan increases a kings seeds

ramadan increases ovulation in a fasting woman

then when you feast at night make love

then fast every day but not a pregnant woman

this is just passover for arabs

to save the babes

while taxing the father to fast and strip cholesterol

sow he shall become stronger

this is just lent

i am

do not hate israel or jeru Shallom

do not hate any of Allah’s life but hate the death Adder

i shall strike them dead they defy me and chase babies

even as a baby cannot harm them

Asps are also on the edge of my sword

they may gasp their last breath in Ragnarok

they may strike my rough wood rasp and be shredded like cheese

your gold fleece is in England in Liver Pool

and in Tibet, Indonesia, and any island

if a Kuwait man or king is a Bill lion heir he can have 72 wives

his sons can each have 4 wives

but you must build safe palaces up above the river and sea 300 feet up

make peace with all 300 nations with peace offerings

virgin wives from your 72 and 72 and 72 and 72 and 72 wives

and also from the working class city Zens

and from the 4 wives of many sons

invest in digging in the dead sea for you may need the minerals

before it is flooded

invest in faster oil digging in other lands and alternative energy ( Nuclear)

but do not place nuclear plants on sand

a food builds in sand a wise man finds a stone footing a foundation

find a stone footing with the French for palaces and they are gold fleece

give away 300 sisters as peace offerings

to the nations

invest in sending sons to

Maine to study, Jerushallom to study, Russia to study, France to Study,

Spain to Study, Brazil to stud harems, China to study, Thailand to Stud Harems,

Malay to ma lay and Indonesia to Stud Delivery of babes.

nations of Jerushallom hear me

each of the 99 names of Allah are my names i am as Abraham and Elijah

do you deny me 99 glorious wonderful great names ???

so you deny me infinite names each greater than the last one ???

so do you deny me the ability to be omnipresent

in Egypt as well as Indonesia America and Oslo and England ???

am i the man on the moon playing golf??

are my arms strong or weak

i did 92 pushups in 2 minutes in the army

one man bested me and did 108 he was Vishnu

he slaughters evil while laughing

the sea of reeds is in danger in Ragnarok

Kuwait build stone walled palaces of glory

do not build tall buildings



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