The least among is the greatest explained by Allah

The least among is the greatest explained by Allah

if you have a baby the universe is his and you are a slave

if you are the bottom man on a totem pole –

your strength has no equal you hold up the entire Totem

if you are a pawn you are the greatest because the king begins the war

if you are bipolar manic and left handed and weeping for the children

you are God myself and I am in you and your soul is my soul

so be careful what you do less i cut you off like my own arm

if the least among you is the greatest

a fool stupid in his design looks up for God

while God is the one who massages your feet

he appears to be blind

he is often sick as he processes the ailments you need to endure

so a Dr is seeking the lord

so a Dr is SEE King the lord

a Sikh reveres Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha so he is seeking kindness anywhere

a Seek is SEE King kindness anywhere it shall appear 

who shall help me carry the weight of the World AT lass

i am Hercules i am not huge i am the least among you

i am her Queue lees 

lee genes are needed we need many genes

i want to sin so i can get this show on the road

or i need to touch people 

or give them blood

anything i touch is cleaned

if my blood touches illness i shall feel it

so i may not survive too long but that is okay

let me do what i need to do

do not let political fools prevent me

i can teach if i avoid lesions

according to zoroaster i can avoid lesions and anal warts

Moses says burn people with lesions and piles






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