It is not clear if my words are being spread

It is not clear if my words are being spread

so i attacked the cock roaches in the kitchen

with deadly poison

i shall be gott 10,000 babies this morning

i do want improbable people for impossible tasks

jeru salaam jeru shalom jeru shallom

i shall give my blood to all who come

i had a great big Hebrew Dictionary

i gave it to a female guru she taught calm pear rise son of world religions

come pair a sons mean missionaries must be in pairs of two

a jehovah witness said wesley is lazy

my response is all my enemies are sterile i am not lazy

they exist as mules

i shall open the sun and if any Sunni is a wife beater

i shall strike his balls unless he is in a mine

no man shall strike any wife of little girl

i shall strik  ken their pituitary gland

i shall smite their sympathetic nerves and brain

i shall strike at the nerves used for reproduction

we shall subdue the parasympathetic nervous system of wife beaters

then we do not need to attack tall buildings to lure men to kill wife beaters

we can calm down all the sorties sore tease

a sore tease gang banged is better than sorties





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