Elohim Chastises the Fools who cannot see the Gravity of Ragnarok

Elohim Chastises the Fools who cannot see the Gravity of Ragnarok

fools fake environmentalists i want 100 billion human beings before Ragnarok

i want biomass doubled i want double the trees and double the inhabited caves

i want all houses inhabited by 1 old lady to have 15 people in them

i want every school open 24 hrs per day and every factory 24 hrs per day

i want malls open 7 days per week and i want 7 Sabbath for 10 Churches 

sow there is no excuse for fallow fields and i want Noah’s Arks 

i want miss isles licking the fill lip penis isles and zero missiles

if you love missiles more than Quezon Dancers you are a gay idiot

become a priest and rid yourself of that smell of poop on your fingers

free to asylum before my angels kill you for breaking the law forbidding anal sex

some of them i offered am nest E for anal sex but i have many angel armies

10,000 angel armies plus many seers and redundant armies 

fools when Ragnarok occurs your condoms shall condemn you

i shall save any city with 10 good men so 10 men compete for a bride

in sin sin atty each unwed wife may compete 10 men for her hand in wedlock

thus there is 10 good men in sin sin ATTY

in vegas if 10 men cum pete for a whore for her hand in wedlock 

thus there is 10 good men in Vegas

so i shall spare vegas if this is true

if in Portland Maine or Oregon there is 10 men cum Pete Ing for a Bride

thus there is 10 good men in Oregon so i shall save the City

if in Killingworth Conn 10 men cum Pete for a Vessel for holy Wedlock

thus 10 good men abide in Killingworth so i shall save the City

if in Temple Florida 10 men in secret cum Pete for a Clay Jar 

thus 10 good men exist in Temple Florida so i shall save the City

if in Save Annah Georgia 10 men cum Pete for a Greek Ceramic Vessel

i shall save the City for there is 10 Good men in Savanna Georgya

Save hannah or let her die if you love your city or due knot or do not

Any city with 10 good men shall be saved

no woman shall have no husband or not be a virgin or a nurse or a nun

but widows can marry old men and help them for companionship

A nun should surrender her wealth to the church

the church cannot support a billion widows

if a widow has bone loss the cure is a bone US ( semen)

semen is an antacid and it has a mysterious effect on bone loss

old men do not have the problem as much

i did not make a cure of two men it is an obama nation

for men to lie together

if a woman swallows a man’s seed she shall cure her bone loss

for 3 days time 

when the swallows return to Martha’s Vineyard

we rejoice and Joyce sucks off the lighthouse man

why should old men die when a woman has men a pause

i created bone loss so women shall not kill the husband so fast

Swallow or die and catch some flies 

swallows catch flies and lies old men say ” how beautiful you are – mmmmm “

pigs wallow and old widows swallow and thus the gardener gets a bonus

old men must wed old widows it helps if they swallow

or they can get bone loss

swallow or wallow like a pig in pain 

i never promised you you can kill 2 men in a row

Vegas is full of old women smoking i shall kill them

since they refuse to swallow and they smoke and drink

death becomes them women shall not smoke or drink they shall knot

i shall use Chant X witch makes nicotine taste whore rebel as it is

many evil people say humans are bad and nature is perfect

if you desire i can have parasites devour you as you watch 1000 times over

just ask


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