Elohim Addresses India

Elohim Addresses India

my beloved clean away your sins in the river

then your good acts your karma can be infinity

Anant nan bread of life is in Ana Maria Ana my beloved

i am Indra be aware i am Christ and the Father Brahma Elohim

i am Elijah and Rama and i have 30,000 and 3 names my beloved India

my pomegranate my pineapple a crown of thorns she has my son PEACE

clean your sins in the river a flood is coming a flood of tears 

Send purifiers for a sow ma feast for 300 years 

it is a Seder feast a seed her feast

it is a Miso soup feast

my sweet ones



karma anant infinite acts of kindness

we shall do and we shall soak in the river

it is baptism and it is a communion of souls

there is water spirits and i am a water dragon a hydra

Vishnu is with me and many demon slayers they are a part of me

in a fellowship in the holy spirit one in being with Brahma who has 10,000 faces

let me comfort you i love you Maa India Maa of Germans and Whites Maal gaadi

Maa India naabhi i love you infinitely 

naach nrityaanganaa







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