Christ Wesley Speaks of his findings of the Methodists

Wesley Speaks of his findings of the Methodists. Methodists are convinced that building loving relationships with others through social service is a means of working towards the inclusiveness of God’s love which, it is held, can reform a person to a state of perfection. They teach that Christ died for all of humanity, not just for a specific group, and thus everyone is entitled to God’s grace.

I lived for all humanity and I live for all humanity but due to my love of my Mother Mary I became  a confirmed Catholic Jew Hindu Muslim Buddhist Protestant Sikh who loves Jains and Gentiles. I believe in a systematic pursuit of good methodical relationships with others and the 10,000 and more infinite paths to perfection that end with me at the gate to the next life, sometimes called the Rainbow Bridge. I worked at Camp Rainbow.

It is impossible for a Christ to die a Christ is immortal. Everytime I looked at the Methodists they were helping others in a methodical fashion. Thus they share my method of winning 222 awards as Saint John Simko and 333 Awards as the Christ Wesley. We were just two little Children on the North Road in Sebec. There is something in the water.

Some Missionaries spend much time doing personal recruiting only to swell their own denominations ranks. I saw some honest fill Ann throw pee with the Methodists, with free public meals and a food drive and a rummage sale aimed at everyone. When i was wounded 35 theists drove past me then a gentile stopped to help me. So shall KIND gentiles be paid.

I do not need to be the only gageway to salvation which would be selfish and sell fish for I want moor people to be saved not less people to be saved by teaching exclusive benefits to joining this ” religion ” or ” denomination .”  I shall create infinite new ways and old ways to achieve perfection. However I see the power of having a united Christian Church, in the Engineering Students Without Borders and in Maine I saw the Catholic Church moving and supporting large populations this is power.


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