Bring Canadian Oil to New England not Texas ( get a clue)

Bring Canadian Oil to New England not Texas ( get a clue)

a fool builds in the sand

a wise man builds on a rock

pork fat would be an unsafe pipeline down the most dangerous river

on sand mud and quick sand that shakes in quakes

Bring the oil directly to NEW YORK 

save time energy and money

place a refinery 300 feet above the basin of the new salty sea to come

do not place a refinery where the 3 great lakes shall join as light brine

pump the oil East then make a tunnel under the raging Mary Maria River

there is 3581 options i can think of

but pumping oil to texas is dumb

it is as smart as having a florida coastal nuclear power plant

it is as smart as having a japanese coastal nuclear plant

you emo jack asses all potter to the political pressures of fools

you ignore scientists like me the lord

you make me mow ham MAD angry furious 

Al-AH MAD should sodomize you retards in your pork fat projects

a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf coast of destruction is ASS IN NINE

obama move your dick 1 inch in Michelle the pooper is infertile

al-ready you have no sons sow far

al- MA LICK go lick some fans you need a second wife Obama

a pipeline is like a dick and keep it out of the black crude

pump less crude and more gas and heating oil

a refinery in New England is Wise

below the 3 great lake pond where the granite does not quake

and the Tsunami and Hurricanes do not come

Not does the Mississippi flood

Upstate New York is a best place for a Refinery at the point of use

with a gravity feed to New York City




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