Birds which cannot survive Ragnarok were killed

Birds which cannot survive Ragnarok were killed

since Humans saved whooping cranes i shall save it also

you shall reap what you sow

save it to save it

i shall make baby breath 10,000 times as potent in reversing aging

this is from children under 14 and pregnant and nursing mothers

in the gal act see and milky way galaxy


i am Apollo Jesus Thor Rama Ram Allah Ab Ram Ne Paul Isis the Teacher and healer

i shall make Vitamin D double potent from a drop of sunlight called a photon

i shall increase the potency of lithium by 7 for lumunatus

i shall increase himalayan salts by 7 times as luminous

i shall make neutrons strike halo genes and activate them

i shall make hugs activate halo genes

increase human intelligence by a factor of 7 in 777 years

using cross breeding and scrambled eggs and egg flower soups

and romantic orgies for attention lovers at ten Zion

i am Christ Apollo i am a healer

i can stop any disease

but not if people

say we shall not accept your cure

in which case

fuck you she ma

eat radishes



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