be aware of low Florida Trailer parks in Ragnarok

be aware of low Florida Trailer parks in Ragnarok

and in any land state perish or die strict

Florida i culled in the year 1800

for Feather Hats

i said in the year 25000 and 52 i shall break this feather

and no man shall steal a birds power

less vultures shall devour them

do not steal a birds feathers

unless its down down down for you

i shall reverse curses on florida

the lost empire shall rise

the lowland shall sink into the sea

the dead shall be born

the birds shall hide in the Arks

if they are already in the Arks

i shall keep them

if they were bad birds

English scag cunts and French whores wore them out

on fore rays to the market

as i fed them Whores hair plaster and Lead paint

and arsenic in food extracts for trumped up health lies

born of 10,000 English devils with fact Tories

Jim Bloom and Jim Beam were paying the Mary’s

and Birds Nest soup became a hit in Asia

Dodo Birds dropped dead

they were dumb

they did not even attack the rats

pass anger pigeons were 17 inches long and we ate 100 Billion

this includes the ones indian tribes ate

Asgard saved the DNA

even the 12 foot tall man eating Angry Birds of Australia

birds of a feather flock together

but in mating get one alone

and strut

wiggle your butt




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