There was a Hun named Gary

There was a Hun named Gary

At Abraham’s School he ate earthworms

i said Gary Graves you shall be called Hungary

He would eat an earthworm for 10 cents for candy

i said grasshoppers and locusts are your food  he said okay

then he wanted to participate in bullying with paul and peter and george

so i said Huns of Gary you shall be Hungary and can eat any beast with live maggots

i am the Lord

if you desire warfare

blood is your food

and the organs of a pigs ass

and the guts of the chicken

if you desire peace oatmeal rye pumpernickel and chicken breasts

mother mary loves lobster and clams

we desire peace

but we shall not be unprepared for war

so Maria eats BBQ pig liver

and i complained

but i ate 3 pieces

She was already pregnant



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