Serve i call Men to be priests or Cervical Testicular Cancer or Virginity

Serve i call Men to be priests or Cervical Testicular Cancer or Virginity

Test Tickle Queue lore cancer is for men who fail to wed a lover

they can become priests or Templars or just die of cancer

i call more and moore men to be priests

if a man lost his wife he is a can did date for priesthood

but i am a high priest i need total control or you inherit total pulverization

Serve i call Serve or i cull serve or i kill

teachers and monks are exempt

firemen and policemen are exempt

if a man is not a virgin and is unwed he must find a wife or adopt a son

a priest shall adopt my son Peace Masaya

all he shall call them Father



the king shall return for his bride in 7007 years

the king shall return also in 2000 years

and in 500 and 1000 years

every 100 years many prophets shall grow like weeds

in diverse places

the Catholics ask me to love them more than others

but the Pavi lions are wise they speak the Gospel of the love of the farthest nations

and the love of the unbelievers and the people who do not know Israel or Christ

that is my Vocation

to love Everyone

FATE asked me why are you here

i said –

to love everyone

she was satisfied and left and was happy

so if you ask for a vocation

it is to love everyone

the people beneath you and beside you

the people who hate you

the people in the valley who wait to drown

and the people in the highest town

to love everyone

is the vocation of a priest in any land

knights samurai and jedi are exempt

but if a knight becomes 35 and is unwed he should consider a vocation

as a priest or he should save 1 to 4 virgin island women

there is many who shall just die in a tolls

atolls are at tolls

be aware

i am


if anyone else assumes command of my city i shall plague it

Cesar Millan can control it until i am there

he can control dogs

he is Alpha


Seize her Mill ANN

Seize her Mill ana

Seize her Mill Hana

Seize her Mill Hannah

Seize her Mill Maria Ann

Seize her mill Leah Ann

Seize her Mill Sara AINU

Seize her Mill Sarah Ainu

Seize her Mill Ann Sisters Nuns

you shall know them i already took the first child

i am an impatient God

i have made all 300 Nuns pregnant

before or after they said yes

i have taken billions of wives and on 10,000 and more worlds

trillions as it is my inheritance as a JINN this is my Holy Day INN

the Holiday INN


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