if a man threatens the police i shall kill himself

if a man threatens the police i shall kill himself

if a man has his gun out and has armed the police

i shall kill himself to feed my children and not murderers

unless he is strong and a good mine slave

i shall make a split decision

police if they pull a gun by force

shall shoot to kill

if a man aims a gin gun at the police ‘

he shall kill himself if i do not need him in my gold mine

if a man has a knife and runs at a policeman

shoot him dead

if a man spits at a policeman arrest him

he deserves 100 hours of public service

if a man refuses to yield to the police with lights on

he is dangerous and armed

if there is a high speed chase police may have a 50 cal in the turret mount

in prison if a whistle is blown all men must get down

if a man is deaf he is not blind flash a light before killing him

marshall law is in effect in all prisons

if a man sells drugs in prison kill him at a distance of 10 feet

let the prison rats eat him

if a man sodomizes a man in prison kill him

if a man murders in prison kill him

or extend his service forever

or for one lifetime

without chance of in mating ever again

the reign in prison must be total

tot ally do not release a man who causes trouble in 10 years in a mine

tots must be protected

merrills and halls are assholes so make good cops for marshall law in prison mines

i am


if a crowd charges a line of police

and the police represent a Monarchy or Deemockcrazy

the police may mow the lawn and slaughter them if they damage or threaten or harm

police are for killing lice and parasites

Paul is See says forgive the unarmed man unless he pisses you off

Po lice is for Paris if he steals hell N

Baltic Crabs are caught by the Norse and Scottish women they love BAD BOYS

M5 can kill Bad Boys for training

Cops can kill robbers for archery practice

Zen Archers on the NYPD can fire at will

then they shall dine on fat papaya and mangoes and eat many donuts

The FBI can chat with sexy post puberty teens on FB

or they can kill Bad Men with Sniper Weapons

they can comfort crying women with a deep fuck then marry them

Marriage is a partnership with Benefits for life

The CIA and KGB need Moor double agents fucking the Chinese Babes in Chowking

if gangs in LA outgun the police correct the problem

the place is a meteor target anyways

i am



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