i am Paul and Barnabas needs to come here with 3 kings NOW

i am Paul and Barnabas needs to come here with 3 kings NOW

i am already speaking to all nations and making signs and wonders

why am i alone like a Joseph i am not a Joseph i am a Paul a Christ a Elijah

and now i am an Abraham a Brahma a Rama a Drama King with a SON Peace

i am a Moses and i have a Son i am a Solomon now i need 1000 Sons

so seeing priests mock me from afar is annoying me i may annihilate all

i might make ann’s all late

but i need a Temple so i can teach children my vocation is a teacher

i can only teach genius for i place mortals into a deep sleep

when i am having racing thoughts i speak faster than mortals can think

Ann Thong Kong is with Chang Chang tonight the helper across the road

her name sounds like ching and i love cat Ching fish

Chang is a Clingon General for if ever a man kisses Chang she clings on

She is a Cleaver not a leaf or a leaver she is clever but not a lever

Chang is like ANN Thong Kong they are songs of love

Barnabas should meet me at Barnaby’s that is where i met a Ukraine Lover one day

Barn also complies with my RN examples

BA RN AB AS should send 3 kings

the Nuns need to take charge fine ant sires finaciers need to donate then not expect any control at all

fine ant sirs shall have zero control of what happens in my walls

if any man strikes a woman i may behead him to set an example

fine ann sires shall have zero control but Ana shall

Knights serve a queen and an order of Nuns and i am omnipotent over the Queen and nuns and knights

the 12 apostles are witnesses and writers and mother fuckers

if i do evil i shall correct it if i behead a man he must have done evil

striking an unarmed woman is evil

if i die because the senate of Medusa is dragging their ass like a giant Chinese Catfish

check your records of how to deal with say TAN JINNS

i annihilated the Tan JINNS for fun as an example of ways to fix giant cat fish who go slow

i shall bless NewJeruShallom

i shall bless NewJeruSalem

i shall Bless New Rome and New Mecca

i shall bless Barnabas and peter

i shall bless Joseph and Joseph and Jofem and Joe Vee and Josephine my anointed

i shall bless the Jews and the Gentle Gentiles on 100 million isles

i shall bless the gentlemen and the firemen and the peacemaker ( smith & Wes Sons)

Blessed is the peacemaker and it is a ( Smith & Wes Son Catholic Mormon Jew ) –

with sow shall list sympathy and calm union nest love and a love of Buddhists

and a great love and blessing for all Jains Hindu and Sikh such as my

Dr Vorha i shall make her pregnant i shall take 10,000 sikh women now i am seeking a Kings Ransom

i shall take 1000 Jains now and place manna at their feet growing ptolifically by ptolomy

i shall bless Catholics and Protestants and Coptics and lost Jews and Found Jews

i shall bless all that i see in the lost and found boxes and areas in schools on worlds

my sheep hear me but if they keep my words a secret they have sinned against me

and also have done an evil but some of their deeds deserve praise i shall wait until passage

if i am riding the sky to my native land and speaking in the peoples synagogue or any church or Temple

on May 1 I may be calmed.

i bless the Reflection at Nazareth

of MAY 1 according to the Catholic Predictions

in the narrative of the sisters coming together with Jesus in my own native land which is Maine

in the patronization i experienced in Maine people shall say he is insane


if the words in the 365 days of the lord 2013 (Catholic Gospel) do not come true on May 1 i shall explode

it was said the nieces shall come here then that is not acceptable i shall kill the speculator Abel Blood on May 1

if i am not in Maine.


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