God of Philippines Deliver me

God of Philippines Deliver me

I am Gulliver deliver me to New Jeru Salem

Shalom Kami Yashuah deliver me to the New Temple

Ka Mi the immortal three my father and my son and my spirit

Deliver me i am Gulliver i need a sliver of your shivering pumpkin pie

Deliver me my God Ala Gull Liver calm me KA mi with alms of myrr and silk

the great lion needs colostrum in the calming after passover in Ramadan silent

silent after trident Neptune and Zeus need Missions of mercy for my ARK

i am losing old men they are dropping dead without missions of mercy

i shall charge a sin tax to lazy sons of bitches and faggot philosophers

who do not pro seed to obey my fertile in struck Zions

make me Stronger myself

do not promote frigid

anal pollution

dirty rectums




bossoms of bossoms

Colostrum is for kings and princes

one breast is for a father one is for a son

or the father can consume the afterbirth to survive

this shall increase him


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