German Boron and Bromine Springs

German Boron and Bromine Springs

the 5th Element and the 7th Element and the 35th Element i am

if you find springs with all 3 it is for algae that is blue

this is for a cure

this is for 707 cures for anything i say can be multiplied by 707

and by 10,000 worlds and by moor universes

and by some Chinese Universes

if 1 in 4 humans is chinese they are prolific

so i have awarded them 10 universes

and the moors since they can eat aluminum

and can learn 35 tongues can have 10 universes

Americans as a Ming led people can have 5 universes

and they shall cross with the Moors

Russia for intelligence shall have 10 universes

Sweden for its Peace Prizes shall have 35 Universes

Masons shall each inherit a Universe

they shall fear no evil thing

Nations shall work as teams together ( to get her )

Cunt tree such as ASH trees shall Con SISS T of cunts like Ashley and Ashlee

Erica and Ashley called the police on me for inviting them to come fuck me

several times in my live i was investigated for asking 2 women to fuck me

i explained to the Cops ( I am French and i love to fuck)

they said okay sire we understand exact lee


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