Elohim Explains the 2314 examples where RN is embedded in tongues

Elohim Explains the 2314 examples where RN is embedded in tongues

RN is embedded in Resident Nursing 


RN is in all maternal words

RNA is embedded and em bed did blood is em

RNA is coding in language and in tongues

akin burns are treated by an RN

Howard Sterns is hard when he treats an RN

Worn ligaments man lead you to an RN

much porn is dead dick kate dead to RN’s and LPN’s

RN are famous for fornication and porn due to Vocational Rehab 

RNA is made in URNS

Uterus are Vagina URNS

the Vagina is an URN with a funnel to a UTERUS

URN more at earn her heart

a man shall be paid labor for his labor

if 50,000 priests in Tibet smell of anal sex in 50 days they shall be killed

if 10,000 priests in Boston and the Earth smell of dung in 5 years they shall be gone

i am done they are gone

if i call a priest to a vocation he shall not mock me

the 5 precepts of Buddha do state you shall avoid sick sexual acts

if 151,000,000 men on earth engage in anal sex with a woman –

i shall give them diabetes then raise our blood sugar to 333 to 555

mine was 333 to 555 i am the ave a rage the average

i shall take metformin ( for me take for mine anal experiments )

Cathy said fuck my ass next thing i know an RN is briefing me on Die T

her brother was a male RN with gay ten dance sees 

i tried to study Nursing butt i decided some people should die

it is utterly dumb to nurse baby killing baby shaking men

in Response to an insurance request for an RN

in Toronto a Ton of RN are pregnant since i love their RNA

sporning mold has RN in it

not all mold is bad some heals from a variety of viral attacks to come

look at the mold of romaine lettuce for a cure for some cancers and viral cancers

moldy lettuce of ro Maine or Romaine or Romania has healing properties






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